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Nepal Plane Crash Report (Video): Pilot's error likely cause of tragedy

Kathmandu, Nepal (Sat, Sept. 29) - Reported by madn3wz

Nepalese aviation authorities said Saturday a deadly mistake by a "panic-stricken" pilot likely caused the crash of an Everest-bound plane that killed all 19 trekkers on board, including seven Britons, in Nepal on Friday.

The Dornier aircraft, which was carrying trekkers from the capital Kathmandu to the town of Lukla before they went on an expedition to Mount Everest, went down after catching fire shortly after it took-off from Tribhuvan international airport. The plane crashed on the bank of the Manohara River at 6.18am on Friday in clear weather and witnesses said it was already on fire before it hit the ground.

According to initial investigation report; the right engine of twin-propeller Sita Air plane caught fire after being struck by a large bird causing the aircraft to plummet into the river bank and explode into a huge fireball. Ratish Chandra Suman, an official from Tribhuvan international airport, said the pilot had reported trouble two minutes after take-off and appeared to have been trying to turn back to the airport.

Suresh Acharya - an official aviation ministry -  said: "A plane crash does not occur simply just because its engine was hit by a bird."

"The pilot's failure to maintain the required radius is a likely cause of the accident," said Acharya, adding the plane turned too sharply because it had not gained enough altitude.

Footage of the tragic incident showed the front section of the plane was on fire when it hit the ground, and it appeared the pilot attempted to land the aircraft on open ground beside the river bank.

Tributes have poured in for the group of seven Britons who were among those killed.The father of the youngest of the British victims, Ben Ogden, 27-year-old Oxford University graduate killed along with seven other Britons in a plane crash in Nepal, paid tribute to his spirited son.Andrew Ogden said he wanted the trip to be his big adventure before he knuckled down to some serious words and life with his girlfriend of eight years. 

Watch video report below: 

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