Saturday, September 22, 2012

Find 'Le Rat' -- The one behind Kate Midleton topless pics

London (Sat, Sep 22) - The magazine featuring topless pictures of the Duchess Kate might have been French, but it reveals that the man behind the biggest royal scandals of recent times is an  photographer.
French celebrity photographer Pascal Rostain Allegedly Knows the One Behind Kate's Topless Photos
The world now want to know the man on the other side of the camera who dare to snap topless Kate Middleton.
According to media reports; a freelance photographer, talking to France Metro newspaper on Friday, claims that he knows the identity of the photographer who photographed the topless pictures of the Duchess sunbathing while on trip with her husband, Prince William, at a secluded, private French chateau owned by Queen Elizabeth's nephew.
French celebrity photographer Pascal Rostain refused to indentify the lensman but still claimed: “In our small paparazzi world, we know who it is but obviously don’t say anything. I can just say it is an Irish national who lives in the south of France.”
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