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Gunhawk Firearms' Coyote Killing Event Widely Protested by Animal Rights Groups

New Mexico (Mon, Nov. 18) – Reported by madn3wz

Gunhawk Firearms' Coyote Killing Event Widely Protested by Animal Rights Groups

A coyote-hunting competition sponsored by famous a gun store has sparked outrage among activists in New Mexico, while the competition is already dubbed as "heinous killing contest."

The team that shoots the most coyotes over the weekend will have their choice of two grand prizes from Gunhawk Firearms, the sponsors of the competition: a Browning Maxus 12-gauge shotgun or two AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.

According to KOB4 News; Gunhawk Firearms reports there have been 22 coyotes killed so far in the state-wide coyote hunting contest. It runs through Sunday afternoon.

Animal Protection groups have said the hunt is not only a cruel act but it also poses the threat to the environment. Though despite various petitions, no protestors showed up Saturday to boycott the competition.

Mark Chavez, owner of Gunhawk Firearms, told media that he planned to collect the coyote pelts, send them to a taxidermist and then sell them for $50 each, with the money going to a scholarship fund for an agriculture student.

And despite the protests; the competition will go on, Chavez said.

On Gunhawk Firearms' Facebook page today, there was a decisive message:


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