Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Superstorm Baby Sophie Deborah: Miraculous Birth to Australian Couple

NEW YORK (Wed, Oct 31) – Reported by madn3wz
Superstorm Baby Sophie Deborah: Miraculous Birth to Australian Couple

Miracles do happen even in right the middle of storm even as big as the latest superstorm Sandy. Newly-born Sophie Deborah has proved it with her arrival in this world, when everybody else around her mother was running away to get safe from deadly Frankenstorm Sandy.

Little Sophie Bertouch couldn't have chosen a more dramatic time to enter the world, as New York was lashed by the worst storm to hit United States.

According to details; the 31-year-old Australian woman Sally Bertouch was staying with her husband James at a hotel close to NY Langone hospital when she went into labor just before the Sandy struck New York. The couple was evacuated to Mount Sinai hospital, when NYU hospital lost the backup power source, and eventually Sally gave birth to a baby girl named Sophie Deborah.

Father James Bertouch said staff at NYU hospital gave Sally an epidural by flashlight as the windows rattled due to high speed winds striking against the hospital building.

The Herald Sun reported that the couple had booked a hotel close to their hospital as a precaution when they were told their home fell into the evacuation zone. On the night of the storm the hotel was one of the few places still open. Every building was sandbagged.

After 12 hours of labouring at the hotel, the couple found a cab to take them 10 blocks to the New York Langone hospital.

After further four hours of labor in the middle of a superstorm, they lost the power completely and the doctors were forced to do an epidural by torchlight. They used stethoscopes to monitor the baby and Sally.

The couple had to evacuate right in the middle of dark night, making it even horrible with one of the biggest storm around. But thankfully, safe from the storm and with the lights on, baby Sophie Deborah was born at 10.30am today, New York time.
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