Friday, February 1, 2013

VIDEO: Dozens killed in fireworks explosion on Chinese Highway

BEIJING, China (Fri, Feb 01) – Reported by madn3wz

Dozens killed in fireworks explosion on Chinese Highway

At least 26 were reported killed in China early in the morning on Friday when a truck loaded by fireworks was exploded and destroyed part of an elevated highway in central province, causing vehicles plunging about 30 meters to the ground.

China National Radio had put the number of dead at 26 but the report appeared to have been removed from websites.

According to details; the truck was carrying fireworks ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations when a huge blast not only destroyed the truck but an 80-metre stretch of highway outside the city of Sanmenxia in Henan province. The official Xinhua News Agency said at least 25 vehicles were smashed and buried in the collapse.

If the details of the cause of tragedy are believed to be correct, then the incident hints yet again towards badly constructed bridges and an abundance of badly regulated fireworks.

In the same kind of tragedy about two weeks back, a firework explosion destroyed a two-storey home in Hebei Province killing three people and injuring eleven.

Watch Video report below:

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