Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Austrian billionaire Karl Wlaschek, 94, ready for fifth marriage with 'Ricki' Schenk

VIENNA, Austria (Tue, Apr 17) – If I tell you that a billionaire is going to get marry, you won’t be surprised and even if I tell you that the second richest person in Austria is going to get marry very soon, you won’t either find anything special in this news. But let’s read what is so special about this news.

Karl Wlaschek, 94, with her bride-to-be girlfriend 'Ricki' Schenk
The 94-year-old Karl Wlaschek, the second richest person in Austria with estimated worth of 4.4 billion Euros, has announced his plans to marry for the fifth time. His announcement came on the eve of engagement with his girlfriend Friederike 'Ricki' Schenk.

Karl Wlaschek, the billionaire supermarket and property tycoon, told that he had decided to get marry for at least five or six children. He said, rather jokingly, "I would say another five or six children, at the very least."

Wlaschek, the founder of Billa - a European supermarket chain – has also become one of the biggest real estate moguls in Austria. He has four children already from his previous marriages.

His bride-to-be, girlfriend Ricki, who declined to reveal her age, confirmed: "The wedding will take place in the next few days."

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