Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exclusive Pictures and Video: Giant fossilized dinosaur eggs discovered in Chechnya

Geologists in Chechnya have discovered what they believe is a batch of fossilized dinosaur eggs. It's not clear what kind of dino' laid them ... but the giant eggs date back some 60-million years.

Giant fossilized dinosaur eggs discovered in Chechnya (Image Credit RT)
There’s no exact number of eggs discovered but a senior geologist at the Chechen State University, Said-Emin Dzhabrailov, confirmed the discovery of 40 giant egg-like fossils while workers constructing a new road were came across a hillside near the Chechen border with Georgia.
"There could be many more under the ground," Dzhabrailov said further.
The “eggs” range from 25cm to one meter in diameter. They belong to herbivorous dinosaurs, claimed another scientist from the Chechen State University, Magomed Alkhazurov.

Watch vide below:

For photos get to the link below:

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