Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ontario will receive worst of Sandy: Says Canadian Hurricane Centre

HALIFAX, Canada (Sun, Oct. 28) — Reported by madn3wz The northeastern states of US will face Hurricane Sandy as it whips north this weekend, but huge masses of Canada are also expected to take a hit as well.
Ontario will receive worst of Sandy: Says Canadian Hurricane Centre
According to the Canadian Hurricane Centre; Ontario may see the worst of Sandy when it hits early next week.
Centre’s spokesperson Bob Robichaud tells while the rainfall amounts are still difficult to forecast, southern and eastern Ontario could see between 50 and 100 millimeters late Monday and early Tuesday.
He says there is also the potential for significant impacts in Eastern Ontario and those areas will also see high winds, although they will likely not hit hurricane strength.
"As many as 23 million Canadians stand to be affected by this storm," said meteorologist Mark Robinson at the Weather Network. "That's 70% of the country.
On Saturday Pearson International Airport reported 25 flight cancellations and Air Canada says it expects further delays and cancellations because of Hurricane Sandy.
Sandy is presently heading northward over the Bahamas and is likely to remain to track north while sustaining its hurricane strength. A large, high-pressure system over the Maritimes is likely to block Sandy’s movement, pushing it into the Mid-Atlantic States on late Monday or early Tuesday.
Weather forecasters forecast its effects will be far-reaching on Canadian territory, with rainy and blustery conditions also expected for Quebec and the Maritime provinces.
Sandy has so far killed more than 44 people in the Caribbean, wrecked homes and knocked down trees and power lines.
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