Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's aftermath (Painful Video): NYU Langone Medical Center evacuated due to power outage

NEW YORK (Wed, Oct 31) – Reported by madn3wz
Sandy's aftermath: NYU Langone Medical Center evacuated due to power outage

Shattered medical staff worked through the night to evacuate NYU's Langone Medical Center after substantial swamping from Superstorm Sandy caused the hospital to lose not only normal supply of electricity, but backup power generator was also failed for some unknown reasons.

A stream of ambulances was seen towards downtown hospitals to aid in evacuation of Tisch Hospital NYU Langone Medical Center. The hospital lost power needed to care for 215 patients when their backup generators fail. They are still investigating the cause of failure. Patients were carried down 18 flights of stairs by nurses and other paramedical staff of the hospital.

Ambulances came from around the city to help transport the patients, which were hurried to other hospitals including Mount Sinai and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer.


Doctors and nurses first moved the sickest and youngest patients. Some were on respirators operating on battery power.


Among more than 200 patients evacuated there were 20 babies from the neonatal intensive care unit. Because the hospital's respirators for infants do not have backup batteries, each of the infants required extra attention from nurses at the hospital.


At least four babies had to be carried to a waiting ambulance down nine flights of stairs while a nurse "breathed" for the infant by manually squeezing a bag to drive oxygen into the lungs.
Watch video of evacuation below:

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