Thursday, January 10, 2013

70 vs. 15 -- Saudi Teen and 70-year-old divorce granted

JIZAN, Saudi Arabia (Jan 10, Thu) – According to CNN report, citing Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Commission, a divorce has been granted in the case of a Saudi teenager, actually just 15-year-old, who was wedded to a 70-year-old man just few days back.
70 vs. 15 -- Saudi Teen and 70-year-old divorce granted

The name of the senior Saudi citizen was not disclosed but he claimed that the girl was not just 15 but she was actually 25-year-old. He also told that he was fooled by the family of the girl for whom he paid a dowry of about $20K.
“She is not 15 as everybody claims,” he said. “She’s 25 years old and she’s mature enough to make her own decisions… I was fooled by the girl’s family.”
The father of the teenager is believed to be Yemeni, but her mother is Saudi national. The family is from Al-Hurath village in Jizan province, in southwestern Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen, according to Dr. Hadi Al-Yami, the head of the Aseer branch of the Human Rights Commission. The group is backed by the Saudi government.

The Human Rights Commission, backed by the Saudi government, sent an investigator to the courthouse in Al-Hurath, Al-Yami – the head of Aseer branch of the HRC - said, and is planning to offer the girl and her family as much help as she’s able to receive, particularly legal help in case the courts require her to formally dispute the marriage.

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