Thursday, January 10, 2013

Breaking Updates: At Least Two Injured in Taft High School Firing, Suspect Apprehended

TAFT, Calif. (Thu, Jan. 10) - Reported by madn3wz

At Least Two Injured in Taft High School Firing
Students had been evacuated immediately from Taft Union High School in Kern County after wild gun firing on Thursday morning that reportedly left two people injured while a suspect was taken into custody, a city official confirmed.

According to details; the shooting incident happened about 9:00 a.m. at Taft Union High School, an oil and agricultural community about 120 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Among the victims there’s at least one student who was airlifted to a hospital in Bakersfield, but there was no immediate word on the victim’s condition.

‘‘We have a suspect in custody,’’ said Ray Pruitt, spokesman for the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, adding that the person was believed to be a student.
KERO-TV Bakersfield reported that the station received phone calls from people inside the school who hid in closets.
Parents were beginning to pick up their children from a football field where they had been moved to after the incident, Elliott said. As of about 10 a.m., the campus remained on lockdown.
It was not immediately clear how many students are enrolled at the high school, which teaches 9th through 12th grades.
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