Monday, July 16, 2012

UFO mystery: Latest sighting in Qawra, Malta -- Captured by Zfort Ertfay

VALLETTA, Malta (Mon, Jul 16) – A tourist from Romania photographed a UFO coincidently while he was walking along the seafront in the popular northeast Malta tourist town of Qawra.

UFO sighting in Qawra, Malta: Romanian tourist captured the object in his cell-phone camera. (Credit: Zfort Ertfay/Times of Malta)

According to details; the 29-year-old Zfort Ertfay witnessed something mysterious hovering over the sea on Thursday (July 12) at about 8:00 pm (local time). Ertfay managed to capture the object in his cell-phone camera, unable to make out what exactly it was, except that it was triangular in shape, dark and flying at high speed.

He explains, “I was out walking, when, all of a sudden, I saw something appear in the sky. It disappeared in a matter of a few seconds.” 

The Times of Malta reports that an intricate military exercise by the Armed Forces of Malta, which included an Augusta AV212 helicopter, took place in the same area on that day. However, it is recorded to have taken place at about 10 p.m., a couple of hours after the claimed UFO sighting. The helicopter took off at 9.05 p.m.

The Malta Air Traffic Services, which monitors whatever is in Maltese airspace, said: “From an air traffic management perspective, all aircraft flying at that hour were accounted for”. They received no reports about any abnormal sightings, Times of Malta reported further.

The Ertfay’s captured photo of the UFO is unclear and provides very little detail. Judging by the photo alone, the object looks like a seagull in flight. But if the Ertfay’s indication is accurate, and he did observe the object hovering over the sea before taking off, then the bird theory does not fit this particular situation.

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