Monday, July 23, 2012

Pakistan reacts over Olympics visa scam exposed by 'The Sun' (Updates)

LAHORE, Pakistan (Tue, Jul 24) – Twelve(12) employees of the National Database and Regulatory Authority (NADRA) have been suspended, including General Manager Lahore region, reportedly for an alleged involvement in the UK visa scam for London 2012 Olympic games. 

Pakistan reacts over Olympics visa scam exposed by 'The Sun'
Taking a serious notice on the issue Rehman Malik, Senior Adviser to the PM on Interior, has also formed a Joint Investigation Team (JIT), headed by Director General FIA, to probe the case and register an FIR against those responsible.

The above actions were taken after a UK tabloid has unfolded a major visa scam, involving a gang of dishonest officials and politicians, which could ease the entry of ‘potential terrorists’ in UK with Pakistan’s Olympic squad as support officials. 

According to details; ‘The Sun’ reported on Monday that they have infiltrated a crime ring offering false passports, visas and access to London 2012 as bogus support staff. They have also exposed a ring of crooked Pakistani officials and travel staff plotting the fraud with the help of a well-known politician to get around strict security.

The whole story swirls around a Lahore-based politician, Abid Chaudhary, and Dream Land Travel Agency, also based in Lahore, prosecuted nine years ago for human trafficking.

The Sun reported that how their undercover agent meet Abid Chaudhary who spelled out how for around 7,000 pounds ($10,000) he could get the man a 2-month visa and send him into London 2012 as part of Pakistan’s Olympic squad. 

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Olympic chef de mission Aqil Shah dismissed the Sun’s claims, saying, “These are baseless reports,” Shah told AFP. “This is an attempt to malign Pakistan. Even if someone gets a passport he cannot enter the Olympic Village without an Olympic accreditation card.”

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