Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes could be killed by other inmates: NY Daily Times

Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes could be killed by other inmates
Merciless Batman premier killer James Holmes was locked up alone Saturday over fears that he could be killed by other fellow inmates.  

The self-proclaimed ‘Joker, is detained at Arapahoe Detention Center and recently freed inmates at the Center in Colorado are saying the only thing the inmates still inside can talk about ... is killing James Holmes ... this according to a new report, published in NY Daily News.

Wayne Medley, a recently released inmate at Arapahoe Detention Center in Colorado, said, "All the inmates were talking about killing him. Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It's all they could talk about."

The 24-year-old Holmes accused in the Colorado movie theater bloodbath was still behaving intermittently on the day after his storm at a midnight screening of “The Dark Night Rises”, — the latest movie in the Batman series. 

“Let’s just say he hasn’t shown any remorse,” a jail employee told the NY Daily News. “He thinks he’s acting in a movie.”

Another released prisoner said Holmes’ conduct in the jail was getting gradually more ridiculous.

Holmes is currently in lonely imprisonment and was placed on suicide watch. He is due in court on Monday and could face the death penalty if he is convicted.

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