Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Costa Concordia Disaster: Nicole Servel, 61, Survived Only Because of Her Husband Francis

ROME, Italy – The tragedy of Costa Concordia is like a real ‘modern day Titanic’ story and a lot of stories are associated with it. Some of the stories have been made public already while some of them will come into light with the passage of time.

Nicole Servel, 61, Survived Only Because of Her Husband Francis
The Costa Concordia disaster showed the world two very different sides of human nature. According to various media reports; the captain of the luxury cruise ship, Captain Francesco Schettino, opted to leave the ship far before the complete evacuation from stricken cruise ship, showing the unethical and selfish side of human nature. 

On the other hand; an elderly couple, among the passengers of the Costa Concordia, left a great example of sacrifice and selflessness.  

The 61-year-old Nicole Servel survived the disaster only because her husband Francis, who gave her the only life jacket they had, when the ship started to sink after disaster hitting rocks and forcing passengers to evacuate.

"I owe my life to my husband," Servel told the media, explaining she doesn't know how to swim. That was the last moment she saw of her husband.

Nicole Servel blames the loss of her husband on the ship's crew, some of whom saved themselves without helping any passengers, Emirates 24/7 reports.

According to latest updates; following the crash, there are 11 confirmed deaths, 29 people still unaccounted for, and several injuries to the 4,200 guests on board.

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