Monday, January 16, 2012

PM Gilani to appear in Supreme Court on Jan. 19 to face contempt charges

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Jan. 16) – Pakistan’s Supreme Court increase the pressure on the country’s struggling government today, issuing a contempt order against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for failing to carry out its order to reopen a corruption case against the president and few other political figures.

PM Gilani to appear in Supreme Court on Jan. 19 to face contempt charges
Prime Minister Gilani has been ordered to appear in person at the court on Thursaday (January 19) and it comes on a day of quite a lot of critical confronts for the government amid continuing tensions with the army.

Gilani has to clarify his position for denying reopening the graft investigation, injecting fresh ambiguity into the political crisis intimidating to surround the country. If the court convicts Gilani of contempt, he could serve up to six months in prison and be disqualified from holding office.

However PM Gilani later won - as expected - a key vote in parliament in support of ‘democracy and the constitution’, but it was not a personal vote of confidence in Mr Gilani himself. 

The prime minister said that the vote was "good news for Pakistan". 

Media reports say that even some opposition parties supported the resolution - the outcome of which was a foregone conclusion because it was seen as support for democracy in the country in general.

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