Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The 7-year-old Indian girl Lalita Tati killed to please gods for better harvest

NEW DELHI, India (Jan. 03) – Police has arrested two men on account of killing a girl and cutting out her liver in a custom sacrifice to make sure a healthier agriculture yield.

The 7-year-old Lalita Tati killed to please gods for better harvest
According to details based on police report; the 7-year-old Lalita Tati reported missing in October last year and her dissected body parts were recovered a week later.

The arrested men have confessed to cutting her open and removing her liver as an offering.
They told police that Lalita Tati was getting back to her home after watching TV at a nearby home when they kidnapped her.

Police had collected sufficient proofs, apart from the confessions, against the culprits to charge the two with murder. They would face life in prison or even the death sentence if found guilty by court.

The men belong to a tribe that has deep belief in traditional healers, or witch doctors.

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