Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Covert war on Iran: Israel behind the latest killing of Iran's nuclear scientist Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan

TEHRAN, Iran (Jan. 10) - The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan today (Wednesday, January 10) was the latest in a series of strikes on scientists who are linked to the Iran's nuclear program, which Israel, U.S. and other Western nations are dreadfully trying to stop.

Scientists' killing, cyber attacks and bombing - All part of covert war on Iran
 Today’s killing of Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan was the fourth attack to kill a leading nuclear scientist in the country in almost two years.

Reportedly, two persons on a motorcycle fixed magnetic explosive devices to the vehicle of an Iranian university professor working at a key nuclear facility, killing him and another person yesterday, state TV reported. The assassination suggested an extending covert attack to halt Iran's nuclear programme.

According to Iranian media reports, the incident, which took place at the Seyed Khandan neighborhood in northern Tehran, "looks similar to attacks on nuclear scientists in the city," more than one year ago.

Iran has claimed that Israel's Mossad, the CIA and Britain's spy agency are involved in an covert "terrorism" operation against nuclear-related targets, including at least three assassinations since early 2010 and the cyberspace attacks in form of computer viruses known at Stuxnet in 2010 and Duqu in 2011 that upset controls of some centrifuges - a key component in nuclear fuel production. 

Israeli officials have hinted about secret campaigns against Iran without directly admitting involvement. 

American blogger Richard Silverstein claimed that a senior Israeli source "with great political and military experience" told him that the Mossad carried out the recent strike with the help of Iranian opposition group the People's Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI).

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