Friday, January 20, 2012

Italian Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Tragedy: Rescue operation suspended again on Friday due to wreck movement

ROME, Italy (Jan. 20) – The search and rescue operation on stricken luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia has been halted third time since the disaster took place a week ago, BBC reported.

Costa Concordia: Rescue operation suspended again on Friday due to wreck movement
The suspension of search and rescue operation was ordered due to further tilting of the vessel on the sea ridge on which it rests, increasing the fears that the ship could unexpectedly skid into deeper water.

Earlier, the search and rescue operations were interrupted twice due to the same type of wreck movements, actually kept suspended on Wednesday for the whole day. 

Cosima Nicastro, a spokesperson for the coastguard, told that more wreck movement on Friday forced rescuers on board the ship and divers working in the waters around it to stop work.

Rough waters have also been hindered the rescue work of emergency teams and weather conditions are likely to deteriorate.

Eleven people lost their lives in this disaster of 21st century Titanic while 21 people are still missing, and finding anyone alive will be a real miracle .

List of dead and missing

  • Confirmed dead: Sandor Feher, Hungary, crew; French nationals Pierre Gregoire, Jeanne Gannard, Jean-Pierre Micheaud, Francis Servil, passengers; Italian Giovanni Masia, passenger; Spaniard Guillermo Gual, passenger; Peruvian Thomas Alberto Costilla Mendoza, crew.
  • Missing: 21 people plus three unidentified bodies. Nationalities as follows: 12 Germans, six Italians (including one crew member), two French, two Americans, one Peruvian (crew), one Indian (crew)

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