Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pakistani Surgeon Enters Guinness Book of World Records by Removing Biggest Gall Bladder

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Jan. 10) – Surgeon Doctor Naeem Taj, the head of Surgical Department at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital, has brought another honor to Pakistan as he removed the world’s largest gall bladder through laparoscopic surgery.

World's Largest Gall Bladder Removed in CDA Hospital, Islamabad
According to details; Dr Naeem Taj operated the 70-year-old Rasheeda Bibi in CDA Hospital to remove 25.5 cm long gall bladder through as small as one cm slit.

The Guinness Book of World Records has already issued a certificate for the Dr Taj recognizing his recent professional excellence and achievement. The previous record was held by an Indian doctor, who had removed a 24 cm gallbladder through open surgery.

“The achievement of Dr Taj is an honor not only for CDA Hospital but for the whole Pakistani nation,” said Chairman CDA Farkhand Iqbal addressing a ceremony in honor of the surgeon.

Dr Saddique Akbar, Executive Director CDA Hospital, said that he was proud of Dr Taj and expected the talented surgeon to add much more to his credits.

Dr Naeem Taj has also other distinctive surgeries on his credit, including oldest and youngest patients, longest appendix removed from a child and maximum numbers of stones removed from a gall bladder.

Dr Naeem Taj bestowed his award to the nation, saying that if given opportunities, resources and encouragement, we can achieve even more sophisticated professional accomplishments.

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