Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breaking News!!! New York Times' Reported Anthony Shadid Died in Syria

NEW YORK (Feb. 17) – Anthony Shadid, New York Times correspondent in Middle East, has passed away on Thursday while performing his duties in Syria, Associated Press reported. He was reported dead due to a severe asthma attack, NY Times said.

New York Times' Reported Anthony Shadid Died in Syria
According to details; the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Shadid was currently in Syria to cover the revolt against President Bashar al Assad. Shadid had broken several news during the coverage of Arab uprising while being on duty in Libya and Iraq.

In the line of his official duties Shadid, shot in the West Bank in 2002 and kidnapped for 6 days in Libya in 2011. Times photographer Tyler Hicks was with him when Shadid breathed his last moments, who also carried his body to Turkey, the NY Times reported further.

Shadid's father, Buddy Shadid, confirmed that his son had asthma throughout his life and had medication with him.

Furthers details reveal that Shadid had been in Syria for a week, collecting information on the confrontation to the Syrian government and calls for Syrian President Bashar al Assad to step down, the NY Times said. The exact circumstances and location of his death were unclear, it said.

Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson sent a note to the newsroom Thursday evening, relaying the news of Shadid's death and remembering him.

Shadid, a 43-year-old American of Lebanese descent, had a wife, Nada Bakri, and a son and a daughter. He had worked previously for The Associated Press, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. He won Pulitzer Prizes for international reporting in 2004 and 2010 for his Iraq coverage.


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