Thursday, February 2, 2012

Death Toll Climbs up to 164 as Europe Deep in Trouble with Harsh Weather Conditions (Exclusive Pictures)

More than 164 people have died and tens of thousands more get trapped in their homes as cold and icy weather has brought parts of Europe to a standstill.

Death Toll Climbs up to 164 as Europe Deep in Trouble with Harsh Weather Conditions

 Few regions in Europe are suffering from one of the severest winter in decades and entire villages were cut off in parts of Eastern Europe on Thursday, trapping thousands, while road, air and rail links were cut off and gas consumption shot. 

Death toll is increasing sharply despite of efforts from Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations. Sixty three deaths are confirmed in Ukraine while thousands have headed to shelters.

In Poland the death toll reaches to 29 as nine more death confirmed by authorities, while at least 10 people have died in Bulgaria, according to media.
In Latvia, 10 people have fallen prey to deadly cold weather around the capital Riga alone, while there’re no figures available for the rest of the country. In neighboring Lithuania a 55-year-old homeless man became the ninth victim of the deep chill.

The cold has so far killed an infant in Sicily, a 76-year-old in Parma and a homeless man in Milan during what forecasters say is the coldest weather in Italy in 27 years. 

Two people died in Austria, and seven perished in Serbia, where 11,500 others were trapped mostly in remote mountain villages unreachable by road. 

Five have died in the Czech Republic and two each in Slovakia and Greece. 

See the amazing pictures around the Europe:

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