Saturday, February 4, 2012

VIDEO Updates: Steve Appleton, CEO Micron, Killed in Plane Crash at Boise, Idaho

BOISE, Idaho - The CEO and chairman of memory chip manufacturer Micron died yesterday (Friday, Feb. 03) morning in a tragic accident when the small experimental fixed-wing plane he was piloting crashed at an airport in Boise, Idaho.

Micron CEO and Chairman Steve Appleton Killed in Plane Crash
 Reportedly, 51-year-old Steve Appleton was alone in his experimental Lancair single-engine stunt plane and died after being ejected from the aircraft when it crashed a few minutes after takeoff, according to reports.

A recording of a conversation Steve Appleton had with air traffic controllers just moments before plane crash shows his panic as he desperately radioed: 'I'd like to turn back in and, uh, land... coming back in'.

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