Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Serial Killer, Awdhah, Sentenced to Death by Saudi Arabia Shariah Court

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (Wed, Feb. 29) – A Saudi citizen has been awarded a death penalty by the Saudi Arabia Shariah Court on account of raping and killing several house maids.

Serial Killer, Awdhah, Senteced to Death by Saudi Arabia Shariah Court
 According to reports published in 'Al Hayat' newspaper; the accused Awdhah, also known as ‘Serial Killer’, has rejected the verdict of the court and aimed to appeal against it.

According to details; Awdhah is accused of attracting housemaids and raping them before killing them. He even spoiled the dead body of one of them.

Awdhah confessed of killing an Asian girl, named as Halima, two years back in Yanbu by beating and choking her with a pillow and buried her in a sandy area on Yanbu Palm Road.

He also confessed murdering of two more housemaids and buried them in deserted places. He further told that he poured benzene on the third victim, also an Asian girl, to deform her body before burying her in the same way.

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