Wednesday, February 15, 2012

VIDEO: Honduras Jail Fire Killed More Than 350 Inmates

COMAYAGUA, Honduras – Honduran authorities have confirmed on Wednesday the death of 358 inmates as a result of broken out fire in an overcrowded prison, making it the world's deadliest prison fire in a century. Most of the casualties resulted from burn and suffocation of the inmates in their locked cells as rescuers desperately searched for keys. 

Honduras Jail Fire Killed More Than 350 Inmates
Rescuers started the task of removing the burnt bodies on Wednesday, as distressed relatives kept crying openly, clinging to each other as they mourned the deaths of their loved ones.

Survivors expressed the tragic scenes of prisoners pleading for help as they were caught by choking smoke and flames, some unable to flee because they were still shackled to the bars of their cells. 

I only saw flames, and when we got out, they were being burned, up against the bars, they were stuck to them," said Eladio Chicas, 40, who was in his 15th year of a 39-year sentence.

"It was something horrible," he said as he was led away by police, handcuffed, to testify before a local court about what he saw. "This is a nightmare."

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