Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roscoe Bartlett's Office Declined the Congressman's Support Claim for Stache Act

WASHINGTON, DC (Feb. 29) – Will Americans with mustaches get the tax break up to $250 a year for facial hair grooming? 

Roscoe Bartlett's Office Declined the Support Claim for Stache Act
The American Mustache Institute was quite confident to find the support of a Republican congressman - Roscoe Bartlett from Maryland - to the 'Stache Act, which calls for a tax deduction of up to $250 a year for facial hair grooming.

But an official statement issued on Wednesday by Bartlett's office declined the support claim by the American Mustache Institute, saying:

"For the record: Roscoe is pro-stache, but he does not believe Americans should pay for people's personal grooming decisions."

The statement mentioned that the staff only sent a copy of the suggestion to the House Ways & Means Committee, without Bartlett's awareness, after receiving a media inquiry about it. That led the institute to believe Bartlett, who has long had a mustache, supported the measure.

So far, no other representatives have supported the 'Stache Act.

The American Mustache Institute, meanwhile, issued a statement criticizing Burrell for what it called a "shameful reversal."

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