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Kate Middleton's bottomless photos reignite royals privacy scandals

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (Sun, Sept. 30) - Publishing of these latest bottomless pictures of Kate Middleton reignite privacy scandals surrounding the British Royal couple. The photos seem to have been captured illicitly during the same private French sunbathing session that produced the earlier topless pictures. Scans of the pages have surfaced on sites such as Egotastic. 

Kate Middleton's bottomless photos reignite royals privacy scandals

According to media reports the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is in the middle of a yet another naked, not just topless, scandal after her topless photo fiasco. It seems like September is not her favorable month at all.

Kate Middleton, wife of Prince Williams,  is certainly not going to be thrilled to know that shots purportedly of her naked bum are now making the rounds on the Internet courtesy to Danish celebrity gossip magazine, Se Og Hor (See and Listen)

The magazine published the photos in their 16-page special edition. In addition to the photos never published before by French 'Closer' magazine - the fruition of demands on this magazine - they also contained three photos of the Duchess of Cambridge changed bikini. The photo was taken from the front.

Taken with a very long lens the grainy images show Will slathering Kate's back and bottom with lotion as she pulls down her bikini.

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Is there any role of military in Bilawal Bhutto-Hina Rabbani affair??

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Sat, Sept. 29) - Reported by madn3wz

The Pakistani army on Saturday has tagged British newspaper's report as "absurd and baseless" in which the paper claimed that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency was behind a defamation campaign against foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar and PPP co-chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

Is there any role of military in Bilawal Bhutto-Hina Rabbani affair??

An ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) spokesperson has denied the claims of British Newspaper Daily Telegraph which blames ISI for running a defamation campaign against Bilawal and Hina through a Bangladeshi tabloid “ Blitz weekly”. 

“The ISI has nothing to do with this defamation campaign and neither any problem exists between the foreign minister and the agency,” said the ISI spokesperson.

The defamation campaign was the "handiwork of those who want to weaken the state by creating misunderstanding between various institutions", the spokesperson said.

"It is not something new because such people have been fabricating misleading and impish stories in the past as well," he added. 

According to Daily Telegraph, senior members of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) said Thursday they believed the claims were part of a plot by the ISI to damage Khar’s reputation because it blames her for her part in facilitating a UN investigation into thousands of missing people detained by the security forces.

Earlier Bangladeshi tabloid 'The Blitz Weekly' published the story disclosing that the married foreign minister, who has two young children with her millionaire husband, and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, the PPP Co-Chairman,want to marry and have been regularly talking on the telephone and sending cards to each other. The tabloid claimed President Zardari was firmly opposed to their alleged relationship and had sought details of their mobile telephone conversations to establish the facts.

The paper said that Ms Khar and her husband had dismissed the claims as “reprehensible” and “trash”, but they had been reported widely in Pakistan where they spawned conspiracy theories among Islamabad’s political classes.

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Nepal Plane Crash Report (Video): Pilot's error likely cause of tragedy

Kathmandu, Nepal (Sat, Sept. 29) - Reported by madn3wz

Nepalese aviation authorities said Saturday a deadly mistake by a "panic-stricken" pilot likely caused the crash of an Everest-bound plane that killed all 19 trekkers on board, including seven Britons, in Nepal on Friday.

The Dornier aircraft, which was carrying trekkers from the capital Kathmandu to the town of Lukla before they went on an expedition to Mount Everest, went down after catching fire shortly after it took-off from Tribhuvan international airport. The plane crashed on the bank of the Manohara River at 6.18am on Friday in clear weather and witnesses said it was already on fire before it hit the ground.

According to initial investigation report; the right engine of twin-propeller Sita Air plane caught fire after being struck by a large bird causing the aircraft to plummet into the river bank and explode into a huge fireball. Ratish Chandra Suman, an official from Tribhuvan international airport, said the pilot had reported trouble two minutes after take-off and appeared to have been trying to turn back to the airport.

Suresh Acharya - an official aviation ministry -  said: "A plane crash does not occur simply just because its engine was hit by a bird."

"The pilot's failure to maintain the required radius is a likely cause of the accident," said Acharya, adding the plane turned too sharply because it had not gained enough altitude.

Footage of the tragic incident showed the front section of the plane was on fire when it hit the ground, and it appeared the pilot attempted to land the aircraft on open ground beside the river bank.

Tributes have poured in for the group of seven Britons who were among those killed.The father of the youngest of the British victims, Ben Ogden, 27-year-old Oxford University graduate killed along with seven other Britons in a plane crash in Nepal, paid tribute to his spirited son.Andrew Ogden said he wanted the trip to be his big adventure before he knuckled down to some serious words and life with his girlfriend of eight years. 

Watch video report below: 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday: Syrian civil war marks grim record of highest death toll in a single day

Damascus, Syria (Thu, Sept. 27) - The death toll in a single day was record high on Wednesday during the 18-month-old Syrian uprising.

Syrian civil war marks grim record of highest death toll in a single day

According to CNN; at least 343 casualties recorded yesterday which is the highest daily toll since the unrest erupted in March last year.
According to a British-based Syrian monitoring group; at least 30,000 people have died during Syria’s uprising spanned over one-and-half year.
The uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, which began in March 2011 as peaceful protests, has descended into civil war since rebels took up arms against a security force crackdown.
Regarding the recent alarming increase in civilian deaths, Rafif Jouejati - a spokesperson of Local Coordination Committess of Syria - said, "the regime is escalating the violence at every possible opportunity and it is proof that it is determined to crush the revolution by any means necessary."
"The staggering number (of deaths) are horrific but the world needs to know that there is increasing sexual torture (as well) and more children being tortured," said Jouejati.
Rami Abdulrahman, the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 30,716 people were killed. Most of them – at least 21,534 – were civilians. But his network of activists, who are based around Syria, do not divide their civilian death count between unarmed residents and those who have joined the rebels.


Yahoo News

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Watch Video: Zidane's World Cup Headbutt Statue Erected outside Paris' Centre Pompidou

Zidane's headbutt statue shows ‘moment of madness’
PARIS, France (Thu, Sept 27) - French soccer player Zinedine Zidane's infamous headbutt on Italian soccer player Marco Materazzi in the 2006 FIFA World Cup final has been immortalised in a statue now on display in Paris.


 Zidane's World Cup Headbutt Statue Erected outside Paris' Centre Pompidou

A 5-meter (16.4 feet) high version of Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed's bronze statue Zidane headbutting Marco Materazzi has been erected outside Paris' Centre Pompidou, one of the world's foremost modern art museums.
"This statue goes against the tradition of making statues in honour of certain victories. It is an ode to defeat," exhibition organizer Alain Michaud told Agence France Presse.
Zidane was sent off and never played international football again. France, who won the World Cup in 1998, lost the final to Italy on penalties.
The Zidane's headbutt statue will remain on display until January 7 next year.

Watch Video Below:

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At least 11 killed in latest Mexico drug gang shootout

Mexico Gang Shootout: At least 11 dead including a soldier and woman
MEXICO CITY, Mexico (Thu, Sep 27) - According to Mexican authorities; atleast 11 people are reported killed Wednesday in a gunbattle between armed gangsters and army men near a church in southern Mexico.
At least 11 killed in latest Mexico drug gang shootout

The dead reportedly include a soldier and one woman along with 9 drug traffickers. Mexican Authorities report that weapons, including five AK-47 and five AR-15 assault rifles, some vehicles and bags of marijuana were also confiscated.
According to details; troops were patrolling in the town of Tepecoacuilco de Trujano in violence-hit Guerrero state, about 120 miles (200 kilometers) south of Mexico City, when they were attacked by a heavily armed group.
Guerrero is home to the popular resort city of Acapulco and has been the scene of an increasingly violent war between rival drug gangs fighting over turf and smuggling routes.
According to BBC News; more than 55,000 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon launched a war on the drug cartels in 2006.

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Breaking News: School children among 17 killed as bus plunges into river in Maharashtra, India

Mumbai, India (Wed, Sep 26) - Breaking News: At least 17 people have been reported dead in a fatal road accident today morning in Buldhana district of Indian State of Maharashtra.
Breaking News: School children among 17 killed as bus plunges into river in Maharashtra, India
According to Indian media reports; bus fell into river from a bridge after getting out of control in Buldhana district.
School children are also among the dead, NDTV reported. The bodies of the driver and the helper, along with some of the children have been recovered.
Further details still to come.

Iran can't be trusted over nuclear program: Bill Clinton says in CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”

In response to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech in UN General Assembly; former U.S. President Bill Clinton said he doesn't believe Tehran's claims that it is not pursuing a nuclear weapon, according to CNN.
Iran can't be trusted over nuclear program: Bill Clinton says in CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”
Clinton further urged the world to pressurize Iran to allow UN inspectors to verify the assertions made by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his U.N. General Assembly address.
Talking to CNN's Piers Morgan, Clinton said, "What they are really saying is, in spite of the fact that we deny the Holocaust, that we threaten Israel, and we demonize the Unite States, and we do all this stuff, we want you to trust us. They don't have a tenable position."
If Iran gets nukes, "the retaliation would be incomprehensible," and other nations in the region would run to join nuclear power club, Clinton told further.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Adresses UN General Assembly (Video): Warns Iran on Nukes

NEW YORK (Wed, Sep 26) - U.S. President Barack Obama yet again cleared U.S. stance over Iran's nukes on Tuesday saying that his country will do anything possible to prevent Iran being a nuclear power as nuclear-armed Iran would be dangerous for Israel, ignite a regional arms race and destabilize the global economy.
Obama Adresses UN General Assembly: Warns Iran on Nukes
Obama was adressing in the annual meeting of United Nations Gerneral Assembly. He pledged in a speech to world leaders yesterday that the U.S. will do what it takes to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon and warned that time for a diplomatic resolution “is not unlimited.”

“Make no mistake: A nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained and the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” said Obama, , who seeks re-election on November 6, during his half-an-hour adress to 193-member UN General Assembly.

During his speech Obama also called anew for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following an 18-month civil war without saying how to make it happen. He also offered no fresh ideas on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Match Summary: Pakistan into Super Eights Beating Bangladesh by 8 Wickets

Pallekele, Sri Lanka (Tue, Sep25) - Pakistan thrash Bangaldesh out of the ICC World T20 Tuesday beating them comprehensively by 8 wickets and 8 balls to spare in the last match of Group D, as well as initial round of the tournament, here at at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium.
Pakistan into Super Eights Beating Bangladesh by 8 Wickets
Imran Nazir emrged as the hero of the day for Pakistan with his quickfire 72 at a blistering strike rate of 200. He smashed nine boundaries and three sixes in his 36-run innings. In the pursuit today, he also hit the fastest 50 of the ongoing ICC World Twenty20 in just 25 balls. He provided a 124-run opening stand with his skipper Muhammad Hafeez (45 off 47).
Earlier, Bangladesh won the important toss and piled up a huge total of 175 courtesy to some brilliant batting at the top of the order. Openers, Muhammad Ashraful (14 off 13) and Tamim Iqbal (24 off 12), provided a flying start to their team which needed at least a 36-run victory over Pakistan to qualify for the Super Eights. The real gem of the innings came from Shakib al Hasan, one of the best all rounders in this modern day cricket.
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Peanut/Almond Butter Products Recalled by Trader Joe's and Sunland for Possible Source of Salmonella Outbreak in US

Salmonella Outbreak in US: Trader Joe's and Sunland Recalled Products Possibly Causing Infection
Peanut/Almond Butter Products Recalled by Trader Joe's and Sunland for Possible Source of Salmonella Outbreak in US
Grocery store chain Trader Joe's is recalling jars of a specific variety of its store-brand peanut butter due to a salmonella outbreak in 18 states of the U.S. The outbreak has also prompted the voluntary recall of dozens of peanut butter and almond butter products made by Mexico-based Sunland Inc.
Salmonella can cause diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps 12 to 72 hours after infection. It is most dangerous to children, the elderly and others with weak immune systems.
According to a press release by Trader Joe's: "We have no confirmed information that suggests this peanut butter is unsafe to eat, but there is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our customers and crew, and the quality of our products."
While Sunland said in a statement, "There is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our customers, particularly the many families who enjoy our peanut butter everyday. While FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CDC, and State Health Agencies investigate to confirm the cause of illnesses reported, as a precautionary step, we have decided to voluntarily recall our Almond Butter and Peanut Butter products."
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Abu Hamza and five other terror suspects lose fight against extradition to US

According to final approval given by European Court of Human Rights; the five major terrorism suspects inlcuding Abu Hamza al-Masri and Babar Ahmad will be extradited from UK to US. Furthermore, Europe's human rights judges rejected a request for an appeal.
Abu Hamza and five other terror suspects lose fight against extradition to US
The legal battles lasted for almost 8 years but after the decision these suspects will be handed over to United States within few weeks time.
A panel of five human rights judges sitting in Strasbourg rejected appeals to the court's grand chamber from the five suspects and agreed an earlier ruling that their human rights would not be violated by the prospect of life sentences and solitary confinement in an American "supermax" prison. The ruling was seen as one of the most important since 9/11.
The Home Office welcomed the decision and said that the extraditions would be done as soon as possible.
Abu Hamza is accused of planning to establish an alleged terror camp in US and assisting hostage-taking in Yemen, BBC reported.
While Ahmad and Ahsan are accused of being involved in a website that encouraged terrorism and which, while operated from London, was hosted in the US. Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled al-Fawwaz are accused of being aides to Osama bin Laden in London.
After the decision came from human rights court a spokesperson from UK Home Office said: "The Home Secretary welcomes today's decision not to refer the cases of Abu Hamza and four others to the Grand Chamber. This follows the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights on April 10 to allow the extradition of these five terrorism suspects to the US.
"We will work to ensure that the individuals are handed over to the US authorities as quickly as possible."
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VIDEO: "Swimming Dinosaur" -- 655-pound leatherback turtle released off Cape Cod

A 655-pound, 7-feet long giant leatherback sea turtle, also described as “like a swimming dinosaur”  was released off Cape Cod by New England Aquarium on Saturday after treating the endangered specie to stabilize its blood values and oxygen levels.
"Swimming Dinosaur": 655-pound leatherback turtle released off Cape Cod
The giant turtle was caught stranded in Pamet Harbor, near the town of Truro, Mass., on Thursday. Experts at the  New England Aquarium say the male turtle was underweight and lethargic, and a large portion of its left front flipper was missing because of some kind of mysterious underwater accident.
The rescue is a rare of its kind and leatherback turtles are open-ocean creature and cannot be kept in captivity. Even at 655 pounds, the turtle is considered underweight in comparison to its fellow leatherbacks, which typically weigh around 1,000 pounds, according to Aquarium expert Tony LaCasse.
Watch Video Below:
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deadly Avalanche at Mount Manaslu, Nepal -- 11 dead, 8 missing including French, Italian and Canadian

KATHMANDU, NEPAL (Sun, Sep 23) - At least 11 people are feared dead and eight others have gone missing as an avalanche hit the base camp area of Mount Manaslu in Gorkha on Sunday morning.
Deadly Avalanche at Mount Manaslu, Nepal -- 11 dead, 8 missing including French, Italian and Canadian
A Canadian citizen from Revelstoke, B.C. survived in the deadly avalanche; while another Canadian - a cardiologist from Quebec - is still among missing. Other foreigners among missing are reportedly from Italy and France.
Two dead bodies, including one of a Nepali national and the other of a German citizen, have been recovered, while at least 9 other were reportedly buried in the loads of snow in the upper region.
Dipendra Paude of Nepal's tourism ministry, which controls all international climbing expeditions, told U.K. paper The Telegraph the dead climbers were from Spain, Germany and Nepal.
The disaster took place at an altitude of 6000-7000 metres at around 9:00 am (local time) today morning.
According to initial information, as many as 24 mountaineers, including some Nepali guides, were in the expedition team under the assistance of Baluwatar-based Thamserku Trekking.
The trekking agency, however, claimed that the expedition team included only 14 people.
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Video and Photos -- Hundreds attempted record breaking skinny dipping at The North East Skinny Dip, in Druridge Bay, Northumberland.

Hundreds of naked participants have dared the deadly cold in a charity bid to set a new world record for the biggest ever skinny dip.

Hundreds attempted record breaking skinny dipping at The North East Skinny Dip, in Druridge Bay, Northumberland.
The North East Skinny Dip took place in Druridge Bay, in Northumberland, where a crowd of just over 200 people ran into the sea at sunrise.
But unfortunately the organisers said they think the numbers fell short of breaking the record this weekend in The North East Skinny Dip, in Druridge Bay, Northumberland.
People taking part said they also used it to celebrate their bodies as well as marking the Autumn Equinox.
Organiser Jacqueline Higginson, aged 34, from Whitburn, said: “Today loads of us ran naked into the sea to raise money for Mind and to celebrate ourselves and our bodies.
“I did a skinny dip last year where we broke the world record, I don’t think there was enough to do it today but there was enough of us for it to be a lot of fun.

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Huffington Post

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Pakistan's Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour Announced Bounty on Anti-Muslim Filmmaker

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Sat, Sep 22) - According to BBC News; a Pakistani government minister has announced a $100,000 bounty for the death of the maker of an anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims, produced in the United States.
Pakistan's Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour Announced Bounty on Anti-Muslim Filmmaker
Pakistan Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, belongs to a political party called ANP (Awami National Party), told reporters that he would pay the reward for the "sacred duty" out of his own pocket.
"Whomsoever can kill the blasphemer will be covered in dollar bills by me," Mr Bilour told in a press conference in Peshawar. The offer from Mr Blour came only a day after deadly riots across Pakistan against the offending film, in which at least 22 people were killed and some 200 injured in clashes with the police. A cinema owned by Mr Bilour was among many commercial properties set on fire there by a protesting mob.
Anti-America sentiment grew after a trailer for the film dubbed into Arabic was released on YouTube earlier this month. Muslim world rocked by the deadly protests since last 11 days.
The maker of the film, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, is currently hiding in an unknown place due to life threats. Nakoula is reported as an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian living in California, who was found guilty of fraud in 2010 and ordered to pay more than $790,000 in restitution. He is thought to have used the pseudonym Sam Bacile to hide his identity.
Federal Minister said his decision to offer the bounty for Nakoula was purely a personal one, and had nothing to do with either his political party or the government.
"I alone will bear the consequences of the blasphemer's killing including any prosecution by authorities overseas. It would be a matter between them and I," he said.
The Pakistani government is yet to comment on Mr Bilour's statement, but will be hard-pressed to prosecute him because it could antagonize his ANP party.
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Find 'Le Rat' -- The one behind Kate Midleton topless pics

London (Sat, Sep 22) - The magazine featuring topless pictures of the Duchess Kate might have been French, but it reveals that the man behind the biggest royal scandals of recent times is an  photographer.
French celebrity photographer Pascal Rostain Allegedly Knows the One Behind Kate's Topless Photos
The world now want to know the man on the other side of the camera who dare to snap topless Kate Middleton.
According to media reports; a freelance photographer, talking to France Metro newspaper on Friday, claims that he knows the identity of the photographer who photographed the topless pictures of the Duchess sunbathing while on trip with her husband, Prince William, at a secluded, private French chateau owned by Queen Elizabeth's nephew.
French celebrity photographer Pascal Rostain refused to indentify the lensman but still claimed: “In our small paparazzi world, we know who it is but obviously don’t say anything. I can just say it is an Irish national who lives in the south of France.”
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Watch Video: Tiger attacked and injured critically a man in Bronx Zoo, New York

A visitor, reported as 25-year-old male, to the Bronx Zoo in New York was attacked by a tiger on Friday afternoon after he jumped from an elevated monorail and landed in the tiger habitat, police and zoo officials said.
Watch Video: Tiger attacked and injured critically a man in Bronx Zoo, New York
According to details; the incident took place at around 3 p.m. in the Wild Asia exhibit, where a train with open sides takes visitors over the Bronx River and through a forest, where they glide along the top edge of a fence, past elephants, deer and a tiger enclosure.
Zoo director Jim Breheny says the mauling happened Friday afternoon in the Wild Asia exhibit, where a train takes visitors past elephants and deer and over a tiger enclosure. He says the man leaped from the train and cleared a perimeter fence.

Workers used a fire extinguisher to back the tiger off. The man then rolled under a wire to safety.

Police said the 25-year-old man has been hospitalized in critical condition.

Watch video report below:

After $12m publishing deal Monica Lewinsky ready to disclose Bill Clinton's sex secrets in tell-all book

Hard to believe its has been 14 years since the Monica Leweinsky and Bill Clinton affair shocked the Americans, but people still want to know all about it.
After $12m publishing deal Monica Lewinsky ready to disclose Bill Clinton's sex secrets in tell-all book
According to media reports; the 39-year-old will reveal all-new untold facts in her new book about scandalous behavior with then US president, Bill Clinton.
 The New York Post reported that Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern, has apparently sold the publishing rights of her book for $12 million to an unnamed publisher.
She co-operated with the British author Andrew Morton on a previous biography called "Monica's Story" which was published in 1999.
Reports suggest that the new book would include more salacious material about Mr Clinton, and her love letters to him.
The new book is rumored to have three things that the earlier one did not: more salacious details about Lewinsky and Clinton, ostensible complaints by Clinton about his wife, Hillary, and Lewinsky's love letters to Clinton, previously unpublished.
Following the scandal Miss Lewinsky worked as a handbag designer, a television correspondent, and reality TV host.
In 2005 she moved to London and later graduated with a Master's degree from the London School of Economics.
After Mr Clinton published his autobiography "My Life" in 2004 she called him a "revisionist of history" and accused him of lying about their relationship.
In a newspaper interview she said: "He could have made it right with the book. But he hasn't.
"I really didn't expect him to go into detail about our relationship. But if he had and he'd done it honestly, I wouldn't have minded.
"I don't accept that he had to completely desecrate my character."

Anti-Prophet Film Protests in Pakistan: At least 22 killed, 180 injured on Friday

Islamabad, Pakistan (Sep 22, 2012) - At least 22 people have been killed and more than 180 injured in Pakistan in police-protesters clashes during protests over a US-made anti-Muslim film titled 'Innocence of Muslims'.
Anti-Prophet Film Protests in Pakistan: At least 22 killed, 180 injured on Friday
Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf appealed to the people to get calm after violent protests erupted across the country after Friday prayers against the movie allegedly mocking the Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H).
"Destroying property and resorting to violence negate the spirit of Islam and teachings of the Prophet,"Prime Minister said in a statement issued by his media office.
Although Pakistani government declared Friday to be an official holiday — calling it a ‘‘Day of Love for the Prophet’’ and peaceful protests were requested, but western media highlighted that the move helped unleash the worst violence yet caused by the film.
The deadliest violence occurred in Karachi, where 17 people were killed and 102 wounded, according hospital officials.
Five people were killed and 78 wounded in the north-western city of Peshawar, where police fired on rioters who set fire to two cinemas and the city's chamber of commerce, and damaged shops and vehicles. Police and stone-throwers also clashed in Lahore and Islamabad, the capital.
It seems like the $70,000 (£43,000), spent by the US Embassy spent for advertisements on Pakistani TV that showed US President Barck Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemning the film, have been wasted and rather it affected adversely.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

France to shut down cosulates in 20 countries over blasphemous material published in magazine

PARIS, France (Thu, Sep 20) - According to BBC New; France has decided to close temporarily its embassies, consulates, cultural centres and schools in 20 Muslim countries because of fears of a hostile reaction at a French magazine's publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.
France to shut down cosulates in 20 countries over blasphemous material published in magazine
Charlie Hebdo, a satirical weekly, printed the Muslim prophet in pornographic poses, a move which was decried by the French government as pouring “oil on the fire.” In preemptive response to possible backlash, France immediately closed its embassy and school in Tunisia, where deadly protests raged in front of the American embassy last week.
In France, the government said it won't allow street protests against the cartoons.
"We live in a land where freedom of expression is guaranteed, including that of satire," Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in an interview on RTL radio today. "We also live in a land of rights, and if people feel they have been offended they can take it to the courts."
The last time the same magazine published such kind of cartoons, its Paris offices were firebombed.
The French government is calling for restraint and has condemned the magazine for publishing the cartoons.
BBC News
Sydney Morning Herald

Monday, September 17, 2012

Young Royals Visit Solomon Islands: The Duchess Kate Crowned as 'Island Princess'

HONIARA (Mon, Sep 17) - Britain’s Prince William and wife Catherine were greeted by huge crowds as they landed in the lush, steamy Solomon Islands on Sunday, while a row raged in Europe about topless photos of the Duchess.
Young Royals Visit Solomon Islands: The Duchess Kate Crowned as 'Island Princess'
Tens of thousands of islanders again turned out to watch the royal couple as they toured a cultural village on their second day in the Solomon Islands. Kate Middleton - the Duchess of Cambridge was crowned as an Island Princess when she was presented with a headdress of fresh flowers during the visit of a village in Solomon Islands today.

Earlier on Sunday the Pacific warriors gave the glamorous royal couple a warm welcome on Sunday as they landed in the capital Honiara as part of their nine-day Southeast Asian and Pacific tour marking Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.
 Prince William, second in line to the British throne, and her gorgiuos wife Catherine were visiting a cultural centre in South Pacific when the decorative headpiece made from exotic frangipani and bougainvillea was placed on her head unexpectedly.
Watch video, Photos Continue reading below:
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Topless Kate: Legal proceeding to start tomorrow in Paris, Irish Daily Star Apologizes for publishing photos

LONDON (Sun, Sep. 16) – According to media reports; official legal proceedings against the French Tabloid ‘Closer’, in which Kate Middleton’s topless photos were published on Friday, would begin tomorrow (Monday, September 17).

Topless Kate: Legal proceeding to start tomorrow in Paris, Irish Daily Star Apologizes for publishing photos

Legal experts from Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton will reportedly appear in court in Paris tomorrow to prevent further publication of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.

A spokesman for St James's Palace said. “It is the first airing and we will be seeking an injunction from them using the pictures and it will lead to a longer court case where damages will be sought.”

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Afghanistan: 4 NATO soldiers killed in "insider" attack, second such attack in less than 24 hours

KABUL, Afghanistan (Sun, Sep. 16) - Four NATO troops were killed by a suspected Afghan policeman on Sunday, the US-led military said, in the latest apparent attack involving Afghan security forces killing their Western allies.
Afghanistan: 4 NATO soldiers killed in "insider" attack, second such attack in less than 24 hours
The international alliance ISAF (International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) says in a statement that the attack happened in the wee hours today in Helmand province, one of the strongholds of the Taliban-led insurgency.
This is the second such attack in less than 24 hours after two British soldiers, from 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, were killed in a similar “insider” shooting on Saturday.
Four ISAF "service members died today in southern Afghanistan following an insider attack suspected to involve members of the Afghan police", ISAF said in a statement.
According to Reuters; at least 51 foreign military personnel have been killed in "insider" attacks this year, attacks which have put a heavy strain on trust between the coalition and Afghanistan as they move towards handing security responsibility to Afghan forces by the end of 2014.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Another shocker for Royals: Kate Middleton's Topless Photos in French Magazine

LONDON - The British Royals are facing yet another scandal when a French magazine on Friday published topless pictures Kate Middleton taken while the couple were on a holiday trip in France.

Another shocker for Royals: Kate Middleton's Topless Photos in French Magazine

Claiming a world exclusive, Closer magazine invited visitors on its website to pick up the latest edition to enjoy "the photos that the world can't wait to see; the Duchess of Cambridge topless on a guesthouse terrace".

The couple were staying in Provence at a chateau owned by Lord Linley, the Queen's nephew, ahead of their Diamond Jubilee tour of South-east Asia and the South Pacific on behalf of the Queen.

A shocked Wills and Kate were told the news and shown copies of the pictures this morning over breakfast in Kuala Lumpur, where they are on a four-day visit. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reported to be "saddened" by after French tabloid publish topless photographs of Kate Middleton today.

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