Friday, September 30, 2011

Google+ Reaches 50-million-user Milestone in 88 Days -- Beats Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn

Google Plus (Google+) achieved 50-million-user mark in record time, threatening the Facebook, the dominant in the social networking world presently. 

Google+ Beats Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn in Getting 50-million-user Milestone
Google+ took only 88 days to achieve this milestone, which is extraordinarily amazing if we compare it with other social networks performance. For example; Facebook took 1325 days and Twitter took 1096 days to get the same number of users, while MySpace improved it with 50 days by getting the target in 1046 days. 

Only in last week Google+ opened its doors for everyone, after a 3-month "invite only" period, enticing internet users to be part of all-new dynamic social network.  

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Umar Amin Showed His Class to Lead Rawalpindi Rams into Final Four of Faysal bank T20 Cup

KARACHI, Pakistan (Sept. 30) - Defending T20 champions Rawalpindi Rams handed a shocking defeat to match favourites Faisalabad Wolves by 7 runs in a nail biting Group B match of Faysal Bank T20 Cup, here on National Stadium Karachi. 

Umar Amin Showed His Class to Lead Rawalpindi Rams into Final Four
Rawalpindi Rams have now joined Lahore Eagles and Sialkot Stallions for the semi-finals of the tournament. The last semi-finalist will be the winner of the last match of today being played right now between Peshawar Panthers and hosts Karachi Dolphins. According to latest reports from field; Panthers have set a challenging total of 178 for the Afridi’s men.

Batting first Rawalpindi Rams set a target of 166 to win, while Faisalabad Wolves were restricted to 158-8 in 20 overs. They needed 25 to win in the final over and pace bowler Muhammad Talha smashed Muhammad Ramiz for one six and two boundaries and took a couple but was caught on the final delivery needing eight to win.

Faisalabad Wolves’ start was disastrous as both their openers fell for duck and soon they were reeling at 39 for five. Imran Khalid top-scored with 48 off 35 balls with the help of four boundaries and one six while Skipper Misbah-ul-Haq made a fearless 43 off 36 balls smashing three boundaries and one six but that didn’t proved sufficient to take Wolves past the target set by Rams.
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What Actually Saved Michael Cohen ..?? -- British man attacked by wild shark in Cape Town, South Africa

CAPE TOWN, South Africa - The British man, attacked by a shark at Cape Town beach, was survived by Good Samaritans who transformed a wetsuit into a tourniquet to stop his bleeding, his surgeon said Thursday.

Brit Michael Cohen Dragged Out to Shore by Douglas ­Drysdale and Hugh Till
Shocked witnesses told how the 9-foot wild white shark was seemed to attack again but got interrupted when a seal swam between it and the Cohen.

The seal then circled Michael and rescuers Douglas ­Drysdale, 61, and Hugh Till, 66, as they dragged him to the shore with the deadly shark floating just feet away.

The 43-year-old Cohen, living in Cape Town, lost his right leg above the knee and his left leg below the knee when a great white shark attacked him on Wednesday, local authorities said.

"The injury to the right leg had been controlled at the scene with a tourniquet," said Andrew Nicol, the trauma surgeon who operated on Cohen.

"That tourniquet has consisted of a wetsuit that had been applied around the thigh and wrapped with two belts very, very tightly," he told a news conference.

"It's just too early to predict at the moment about the outcome but I think a promising sign is the fact that he is stabilizing," he said.

"We've basically replaced his blood volume twice over already."

The beach was closed after sharks had been spotted earlier in the day but Cohen ignored warning flags when he went into the water at Fish Hoek beach, the city of Cape Town said in a statement.

He was rescued by two passersby who dragged him from the water and by one of the city's Shark Spotters, who used his belt to fasten the tourniquet, said National Sea Rescue Institute spokesman Craig Lambinon.

Beaches along Cape Town's False Bay remained closed on Thursday after two sharks were spotted in the morning.

Afridi's Karachi Dolphins to Face Peshawar Panthers Today in FBT20 Cup -- Must Win to Qualify for Semi Final

KARACHI, Pakistan - The latest points table of Faysal Bank T20 (FBT20) Cup, presented HERE, shows that until now only two team has managed to reach in semi-finals which are Lahore Eagles from Group A and Sialkot Stallions from Group C. Thee last two teams for possible four semi-finalists will be decided today.   

Karachi Dolphins Pumped up Under the Leadership of Shahid Afridi
 Today's last match will be played between Karachi Dolphins, placed on top in Group D, and Peshawar Panthers, also another virtual quarterfinal. Karachi Dolphins, under the leadership of former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi, outclassed Islamabad Leopards comprehensively by 8 wickets with more than 6 overs to spare the other night. Their confidence will be sky-high against Panthers and are also favourite to qualify for semi-finals from Group D.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sumatra (Indonesia) Plane Crash Updates: Hope of Life for Survivors After Crash Landing

JAKARTA: There were few hopeful hints Friday that there could be survivors from a small plane that crashed in Indonesia with 18 people on board after rescuers said the fuselage was intact and a door was open.

Hope of Life for Survivors After Plane Crash Landed in Sumatra (Indonesia)

Reported earlier here; the Casa 212 turboprop plane, carrying 14 passengers and four crew, went down in western Sumatra island on Thursday after departing Medan city, in Sumatra, for the nearby province of Aceh.

But the commercial flight run by Nusantara Buana Air sent an emergency signal and went down at 1,100 metres (3,600 feet) in the mountainous Bohorok area, around 70 kilometres (43 miles) northwest of Medan.

A team, dispatched for search and rescue operation, found Thursday that the fuselage was mainly intact and early Friday morning they reported from a helicopter that a door to the aircraft had been opened.

“They saw an open door, which makes us think that some passengers may be alive, so we are hopeful,” transport ministry aviation head Herry Bakti told AFP.

The rescue team were unable to reach the site Thursday because of poor access to the area and difficult terrain.

“The first thing we’ll do today is place an emergency helipad at the site, and hopefully we can get on the ground soon,” Bakti said.

Local daily newspaper Kompas reported that families of the missing had begun a search mission themselves, frustrated with the slow response.

Apple iPad Vs Amazon Kindle Fire -- Fire in Definitely Better in Terms of Price

Amazon, US online retail giant, unveiled a tablet computer - the Amazon Kindle Fire - on Wednesday (Sept. 28) that costs $199, that's $300 less than the cheapest iPad from market-leader Apple.

Apple iPad Vs Amazon Kindle Fire: The battle is on
The Kindle Fire has a 7-inch display, runs on Google's Android software. The Amazon Kindle Fire allows video and music streaming and Web browsing via Wi-Fi, though full range of apps is still not made public.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is eyeing the Fire will catch on where other rival tablets - Hewlett-Packard and Research in Motion - have fallen short. 

Read more and watch the video of Kindle Fire in action below:

News Alert!! City Hotel in Blue Area Rocked by Blast Amid Security Red Alert in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Breaking News: At least seven people, including an elderly woman, reported wounded in a blast at City Hotel, Blue Area, Islamabad; private TV channels reported.

City Hotel in Blue Area Rocked by Blast Amid Security Red Alert in Islamabad
According to available details; the hotel staff is claiming that the blast was caused by an exploded gas cylinder. But the blast was so powerful that glasses of the nearby building broke due to impact.

Three rooms on the fourth floor of the City hotel were destroyed by the blast. Vehicles are also reported destroyed.

Injured have already been shifted to PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) and two of the seven injured are reported as ‘critical’.

It is worth mentioning here that it is already Red Alert in federal capital due to ongoing APC (All Parties Conference) at Prime Minister House just few kilometres away from the blast site.

Be intact for further details.

Kallar Kahar School Bus Tragedy -- Initial Investigation Report Reveals Shocking Facts

FAISALABAD, Pakistan – Motorway police has released the principal of Millat Grammar School after initial investigation; while a 3-member team has been established for an independent probe into the school bus tragedy that killed 37, including 31 students

Kallar Kahar School Bus Tragedy -- Initial Investigation Report Reveals Shocking Facts
The investigation team will work under the supervision of Faisalabad Commissioner Syed Tahir Hussain.

Eye-opening revelations were made after initial investigations by Motorway police, enlisted below:

  1. At the time of accident the bus was being driven by conductor, rather than the actual driver, who had no driving license,
  2. NOC of bus was taken to carry passengers of a marriage ceremony,
  3. Bus travelled with a fake fitness certificate,
  4. The route permit of the bus was also expired,
  5. The bus was more than 37 years old i.e. 1974 model,
  6. School administration hired bus for just Rs. 12,000 and opted a poor-conditioned bus just to save money.
The complete investigation report will reveal that how many department, government institutions and people are actually responsible for the disastrous road accident.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Breaking News Alert -- Lost Small Plane Carrying 18 People Feared Crashed in Western Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Sept. 29) – Breaking News: A transport plane is reported missing in western Indonesia today (Thursday, Sept. 29) morning, BBC reports.

Lost Small Plane Carrying 18 People Feared Crashed in Western Indonesia
It is feared that the CASA C-212 aircraft, 18 on board, has crashed somewhere near the North Sumatran village of Bahorok.

The rescue and emergency teams have already been dispatched to the probable site of crash, government officials said.

According to Bambang Ervan, a spokes person Indonesian Transport Ministry, the plane was on its way between North Sumatra and Aceh provinces, a flight not more than an hour.

The aircraft’s contact with ATC (Air Traffic Control) lost immediately after an emergency signal was sent to ATC.

Although Indonesia has poor aviation history yet it depends mainly on air transport.

Recently in last week, three people died when an Indonesian transport plane crashed in mountainous area of the remote Indonesian province of Papua.

Shaima Ghassaniya's Lashes Penalty Revoked by Saudi King Abdullah: Tweeted by Princess Amira Al Taweel

RIYADH - Saudi Arabia’s ruler King Abdullah has reportedly retracted a sentence of 10 lashes given to a Saudi woman for driving her car. Although no such official statement was issued from the government or royal court; but Al Arabiya TV channel has already confirmed the news.

Princess Amira Al Taweel Tweeted About the Revoking of Lashes Penalty by King Abdullah
First of all the news emerges from the tweet of Princess Amira Al Taweel, wife of the Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, stating:

“Thank God, the lashing of Shaima is cancelled. Thanks to our beloved King. I’m sure all Saudi women will be so happy, I know I am.”

A court in Jeddah sentenced Shaima Ghassaniya with a penalty of 10 lashes on Monday, only a day after King Abdullah announced the right to vote for Saudi women and run as candidates in local elections in 2015.

The sentence to Shaima Ghassaniya was slammed by a number of human and women rights groups worldwide, including Amnesty International, which said it demonstrated the “scale of discrimination against women in the kingdom.”

Saudi women have been protesting for the past several months against the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia by taking to the wheel in increasing numbers. 

Women activist Manal al-Sharif even filmed herself driving and posted on Youtube. She was arrested but later on released from jail after promising not to take part further in campaigning for Saudi women to drive.

Claude R. Kirk, Jr. - Florida’s First Elected Republican Governor - Dies Today at 85

JACKSONVILLE, FL. - Former Florida Governor Claude R. Kirk, Jr. passed away today (Wednesday, Sept. 28) morning at the age of 85. He was Florida’s first elected Republican Governor of 20th century and served the office from 1967 to 1971.

Claude R. Kirk, Jr. - Florida’s First Elected Republican Governor - Dies Today at 85

According to a statement from his family; Kirk died peacefully in his sleep at his West Palm Beach home, where he was resided for last few decades.

Claude R. Kirk, Jr. was born January 7, 1926 in San Bernardino, CA. He lived in Chicago, IL and Montgomery, AL where he attended high school.

Kirk, an outspoken politician, was elected as Florida’s governor in 1966 and his term administer revising of the state’s constitution and the creation of the Department of Environmental Protection. Former US President Richard Nixon considered him as a vice presidential nominee in 1968 but Kirk lost out to Spiro Agnew of Maryland.

He is survived by his wife, Erika Mattfeld Kirk and his children: Sarah, Katherine, William, Frank, Adriana, Claudia and Erik. He leaves behind 14 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Kirk’s son-in-law is United States Congressman Ander Crenshaw, a Republican from Jacksonville, Florida.

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In Faisalabad ... Husband Tortured His Wife, Shaved Her Head and Locked Him for Many Days

FAISALABAD, Pakistan (Sept. 28) – A woman was physically abused by her husband, who not only shaved her head but also locked her in a room, in a village located in suburbs of Faisalabad.

Woman Got Inhumane Treatment from Her Husband
According to details; Muhammad Hussain, resident of Chak No24-JB Abadi Lahori, used to torture her wife Shazia more than often on regular basis. Shazia tried to inform her parents about her husband’s inhumane attitude asking her neighbours to help her out.

Somebody informed Muhammad Hussain that his wife is trying to escape with the help of her parents. He became angry nd started beating Shazia in the presence of other people of the area. He also shaved her head and locked her in a room.

When Shazia’s father, Abdul Ghaffar Dogar, came to rescue his daughter; Muhammad Hussian also locked him in the room, reportedly not less than for two days until police was informed. Muhammad Hussain later on escaped the scene before police can take action against him. The neighbours released Shazia and her father from the locked room.

The case has been registered in Sahianwala Police Station against Muhammad Hussain and police has started searching for the culprit.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Social networking giant set to introduce 'Facebook Marketing Solutions' for small businesses

Small businesses are ready to get big support from social networking giant. Facebook has reportedly working on a plan, dubbed as Facebook Marketing Solutions, to provide small businesses $10 million in free advertising.

Social network giant set to introduce 'Facebook Marketing Solutions'
In early 2012, under this plan, Facebook will give at least $50 of free advertising on Facebook to each small business qualified. The small businesses to be benefited by this program will be chosen by the National Federation of Independent Business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the next few months.

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U.S. Missile Strike Killed 3 Militants in Wana, South Waziristan Tuesday (Sept. 27)

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (Sept. 27) – An American missile strike has killed at least three people in a militant stronghold near the Afghan border, according to Pakistani intelligence officials.

U.S. Missile Strike Killed 3 Militants in Wana, South Waziristan
Intelligence officials, on condition of secrecy, told that two US missiles hit a house near Wana in South Waziristan on Tuesday.

In the hunt of Taliban and al Qaeda militants, America has been striking northwest Pakistan using missiles and drones since 2008.

Today’s missile strike comes amidst rising tensions between Pakistan and U.S. after Adm. Mike Mullen claimed that ISI (Inter Services Intelligence – Pakistan’s top spy agency) has been supporting those militants who carried out attacks against American targets in Afghanistan.

Islamabad has already denied the charges.

Happy Birthday! Google Turns 13 -- Celebrated by Google Doodle

Search engine giant Google is celebrating its 13th birthday today (Sept. 27, 2011). The logo, transformed for one day only, in accordance with the Google marking the day of anniversaries of births, deaths, inventions and public holidays. 

Google Doodle Celebrated 13th Birthday

Its own birthday is no different; surrounded by multi-colored balloons and streamers; its logo is adorned with party hats and sits behind a table heaped with wrapped presents and a large white birthday cake with 13 candles.

Although Google officially celebrates its birthday on September 27; but they formally applied for incorporation on September 04, 1998 and got registered the domain ‘’ on September 15

Before a formal incorporation they emerged as BackRub in 1996 when Yahoo! or AOL was extensively used. Finally, its name substitute was inspired by a play called googol, meaning "followed by a hundred zeroes". The name itself indicates their main endeavor to provide with outsized quantities of information for populace, and this is what they are known for today.

Kallar Kahar School Bus Tragedy Updates (Photos): Death Toll Reaches 37, Day of Mourning in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD, Pakistan (Sept. 27) – Kallar Kahar School Bus Accident Updates: (Read Breaking News Report HERE.)

UPDATES: Kallar Kahar School Bus Tragedy - Death Toll Reaches 37
According to latest updates; the death toll has reached to 37 - including 30 students, four teachers, a vice principal of the school and driver, conductor of the bus – while 65 sustained severe injuries and mostly are being treated in DHQ Hospital, Chakwal and Fauji Foundation Hospital Kallar Kahar. Few critically injured have already been shifted to Rawalpindi hospitals and Allied Hospital, Faisalabad.

UPDATES: Kallar Kahar School Bus Tragedy - Some of the Students Injured in Accident
Meanwhile, few dead bodies have already transported to Faisalabad where all schools and government offices have announced a day of mourning. 

Millat Grammar School is a private school located in Millat Town, some 20 kilometres from Faisalabad city. Most students who attended the school belong to rural areas. Officials at the school said the bus had departed from Faisalabad at 6:00 am on Monday (Sept. 26). The students were reportedly from class six to class ten.

Find shocking facts revealed during initial investigation ....... Below:


Monday, September 26, 2011

Breaking!! Millat Grammar School (Faisalabad) Bus Overturned Near Kalar Kahar -- At Least 28 Dead, More Than 40 Injured

FAISALABAD, Pakistan (Sept. 26) – Breaking News: At least 28 people were killed, including 20 students, at the time of writing these lines, in a fatal road accident of a school bus, according to private TV channels.

School Bus Accident Near Kalar Kahar: 28 Killed, More Than 40 Injured
According to available details; school bus (No. FF 4186) of Millat Grammar School (Faisalabad), carrying almost 110 students, was returning from a picnic trip which overturned after getting out of control on Motorway 25 Km away from Kalar Kahar salt range.

The bus after skidding on Motorway fell into a ditch killing at least 28 children while more than 40 children got injured and shifted to DHQ hospital Chakwal. Rescue operation is already underway and injured are being pulled out after cutting the body of the bus. 

According to initial revelation by hospital sources four children are critically injured and being treated in ICU. It is feared that the death toll may rise.

It is believed that the accident took place due to failure of brakes. 

For Latest Updates of the tragedy Click Below:


Find shocking facts revealed during initial investigation ....... HERE

Reality of Facebook 'Price Grid' Membership -- Charges Per Month: Gold for $9.99, Silver for $6.99, Bronze for $3.99

The cyber world has been getting overpopulated with the Facebook-related hoaxes and rumours since the social networking giant has announced the significant changes to its Open Graph platform, in last week's F8 conference in San Francisco, allowing more sharing than ever before.  

Facebook 'Price Grid' Membership: Gold for $9.99/m, Silver for $6.99/m, Bronze for $3.99/m
Reality of a hoax Facebook message just shared here earlier today while a lot of Facebookers were warned over the weekend against a new scam claiming the Facebook may charge a $9.99 “gold membership" unless users forward a message before midnight.

The message claims that Facebook just released a “price grid" for membership, including $9.99 a month for Gold Member services, $6.99 for Silver Member services, and $3.99 for Bronze Member services. The message further claims that Facebook will continue to be free “IF YOU COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT"
Continue reading the report in detail below:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Facebook Rebuffed Post-profile Changes Charging Message Circulating on Social Networks

The recent message stating that Facebook start charging after introducing new profile changes is just a kind of 'Reborn Hoax'. 

Facebook Snubbed the Post-profile Changes Charging Rumor

Such message made their way on Facebook many times in the past; but all of those messages proved as ‘HOAX’ like the latest one circulating on social media networks, including Facebook and Twiter, since Facebook announces new features in recent F8 conference in San Francisco.

Facebook itself didn’t take too long to kill this Hoax. The company has made it clear that it has no such plans.

For a detailed report click below:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The world’s biggest music festival, Rock in Rio, kicked off in Brazil featuring Rihanna, Katy Perry and More...

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Rock in Rio, the world’s biggest music festival kicked off Friday pulling more than 100,000 crazy fans to see their favourite music stars like Rihanna, Katy Perry and Coldplay.

The world’s biggest music festival, Rock in Rio, kicked off in Brazil
More than 700,000 people are expected to be part of the week-long event, attracted to see some of the biggest names in pop and rock belting out tunes on Rio de Janeiro’s shoreline.

On very first day, Rihanna and Katy Perry stole the show with their thrilling performances. Specially Katy Perry when, during her performance, she pulled out one lucky guy from the audience and planted a giant kiss on his cheek! The shirtless guy will probably remember this night forever, and never wash his face again.

Photos: Katy Perry Kissing a Shirtless guy from Audience at 'Rock in Rio' ... See Below:

House Fire Killed Six, Mother and 5 Kids, at Sonia Gardens in Northwest London: BBC Reports

LONDON – In a gloomy incident in northwest London; six people were reported burnt to death, including five children and their mother, as their house got fire just before 00:50 BST.

House Fire Killed Six in Northwest London
According to BBC reports; fire broke out in the house located in Sonia Gardens, Neasden, killed a 41-year-old woman and children aged two, five, nine, 13 and 14. The youngest two died are reported as boys while the others are girls. The father, 51, and a 16-year-old daughter also sustained injuries and shifted to the hospital from the accident site. The 16-year-old girl is in a critical condition while the father is reported as ‘out of danger’.  

The emergency service was called by a 999 call at 00:50 BST and it took almost two hours to control the fire. The ground floor and first floor of the two-storey house were severely damaged. 

A police spokesperson told that they were working with the fire brigade department to establish the certain cause of the fire, which still stands as mystery right now.


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