Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is Tuesday (June 05) the ‘Heaviest Sunny Day on Earth’..??

A health warning message circulating via cellphone SMS and Facebook posting terming June 05 (Tuesday) as the ‘Heaviest Sunny Day on Earth’, which can cause skin and eye diseases. The message also warns about overheating of gasoline tanks of vehicles due to rising temperature, which can go up to 50 degree Celsius.

Is Tuesday (June 05) the ‘Heaviest Sunny Day on Earth’..??

The message reads like below:

Save your family and yourself 5th June 2012…the worldz heaviest sunny day on earth..please be careful with eyes and skin disease. Aware other and save lives. The Civil Defence has given notice that within the next few weeks temperature will go up to as high as 50 degree Celsius.

All employees who drive, whether company vehicle or company owned vehicles, are advised NOT to fill their gasoline tank to maximum. The high temperature can overheat your gasoline tank. This memo serves only as a reminder and precaution for everyone. Please take care and inform your friends and family.

To find the reality of the message, continue reading below:

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