Sunday, June 3, 2012

Terror attack at Living Faith Church, Nigeria killed 15, over 30 injured

BAUCHI, Nigeria (Mon, Jun 04) – At least 15 worshippers killed in Nigeria on Sunday when a suicide car bomber blew up his explosive-laden vehicle inside a church compound in northern Nigeria during early morning service. More then 30 other were injured in this suicide attack.    

Terror attack at Living Faith Church, Nigeria killed 15, over 30 injured

According to details; bomber targeted the Living Faith Church, in a neighborhood near the airport in Bauchi, the capital of Bauchi state. The timed blast caught many people outside the church without any cover to protect themselves from the explosion, causing heavy casualties, witnesses said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack in which the huge blast demolished part of the church, sending walls of the building crashing down on worshippers still inside. 

Boko Haram, a radical sect engaged in sectarian violence, is believed to be behind this terror attack; but no one could be immediately reached for comment Sunday. The group has been largely quiet since claiming a suicide car bombing and another attack at offices of the Nigerian newspaper ThisDay on April 26 that killed at least seven people.

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