Monday, June 4, 2012

Nuclear-capable Hatf-VII (Babur) with stealth capabilities tested successfully by Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Tue, Jun 05) – Pakistan today tested successfully yet another multi-tube, indigenously developed cruise missile, Hatf-VII or Babur, capable of carrying nuclear as well as conventional warheads and has stealth capabilities.
Nuclear-capable Hatf-VII (Babur) with stealth capabilities tested successfully by Pakistan
This was the 5th missile test by Pakistan within last two weeks. The latest Hatf-VII missile with a range of 700 km and can hit targets deep within India.

Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) have confirmed the successful test of Hatf-VII, which was conducted on an undisclosed location. 

"The test will consolidate Pakistan's strategic deterrence capability and further strengthen national security," the ISPR said in a statement. 

The Hatf-VII or Babur missile is a "low flying, terrain-hugging" weapon with "high maneuverability, pinpoint accuracy and radar avoidance features". 

As reported by the Express Tribune; the test was witnessed by Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Gen Khalid Shameem Wynne, Strategic Plans Division Director General Lt Gen (retired) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, senior officers of the armed forces and strategic organizations and scientists. 

The President of Pakistan and Prime Minister hailed the scientists and engineers involved in this mission, the statement said. 

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