Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Movement "Occupy Wall Street" Vows to Go Beyond U.S. Borders Like Canada, the UK, Germany and Sweden

NEW YORK - The movement “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) is set to go beyond the borders after an unprecedented acceptance through the masses across United States. According to occupytogether.org; the OWS-style protests are planned in Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden and other European countries. 

The Movement "Occupy Wall Street" Vows to Go Beyond U.S. Borders after Enormous Support Across the Country

 In U.S. OWS protesters, armed with Twitter, Facebook and shared Googledocs, fighting against corporate greed, unemployment and the political corruption that they say Wall Street represents have taken to the streets in Boston, Los Angeles, St Louis and Kansas City.

Just after three weeks a few hundred people reacted to that initial call and rolled out their sleeping bags in a park in New York's financial district, they are being joined by supporters in cities across the US and beyond.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) claims masses will participate in protests and rallies in as many as 147 US cities in October, while the website occupytogether.org lists 47 US states as being involved. 

Patrick Bruner, the media spokesperson of OWS movement said, "We have on our board right now 147 US cities. I don't know whether they are occupied or they are planning on being occupied. My guess would be over 30 cities are occupied."

The speedy acceptance, growth and popularity of the leaderless but spirited OWS has taken many by surprise. Occupytogether.org, one of numerous sites linked with the protest, has had to be rebuilt to hold the increasing web traffic.

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