Monday, October 24, 2011

British PM David Cameron Shocked by Internal Dissent on Britain's EU Membership

LONDON (Oct. 25) – British Prime Minister faced his biggest parliamentary resistance, since his premiership from May 2010, on the issue of Britain's EU membership. Reportedly, 79 Conservative MPs voted in favor of holding a referendum on EU membership going against the Cameron's government, which is against holding a referendum.

British Prime Minister David Cameron Faced Largest Ever Rebellion on EU 
According to official figures released Tuesday 79 of the party's 305 MPs voted against the government, while two didn’t opt to vote at all, which is in the biggest show of internal party dissent since Cameron took office in May 2010.
Although Cameron's government succeeded winning the House of Commons vote 483-111 due to support from the Liberal Democrats ..... Continue reading below after the ad:


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