Monday, October 3, 2011

"Tribal Massacre" in Papua New Guinea (PNG) Claimed 15 Lives: Police Sources

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - At least 15 people have been killed, including 14 from Kamano tribe, in what police say is a "tribal massacre" in the troubled Papua New Guinea highlands.

The tribesmen were attacked in a wee-hour raid by another tribal group on a notorious settlement called Banana Block at Kainantu in Goroka in the Eastern Highlands province between the Agarabi and Kamano tribes. 

Police sources revealed that guns and knives were used in the fighting, and that a settlement was burned to the ground. 

Simon Kauba, the PNG Highlands divisional police commander, told that one of the biggest tribes, Agarabi, blamed Kamano tribe for the death of one of their men and the latest incident is believed t be the revenge by Agarabi tribe.

More than 100 policemen have been sent to the area, with police warning further violence could erupt.

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