Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Patient-specific Human Stem Cells Generated by Researchers in U.S.

In a latest finding, that could be monumental if passes successfully through further tests and analysis, US scientists have developed a cloning procedure to obtain custom-made embryonic stem cells to grow in unfertilized human egg cells. 

Human Stem Cells Research Goes Further, Close to Success
Researchers used a cloning method called Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) to get embryonic stem cells that match a patient's DNA. The details of the research and its findings are published in the journal Nature on today (Wednesday, Oct. 5).

The findings are of great significance because now it would be possible to replace damaged cells of any patient with the cloned patient-specific cells, obtained through this new technique, without the risk of rejection by patient’s immune system.

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  1. It is quite interesting to watch the development of stem cell research.
    Companies like American Cryostem is already providing clients with patients specific adult stem cell storage for future medical use.



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