Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PHOTO: Occupy Wall Street Now in Antarctica -- OWS in All Seven Continents Now

The momentum and thrust of 'Occupy Wall Street' movement is just unimaginable. It spread across United States and around the globe like jungle fire.

Occupy Wall Street Now in Antarctica
With the start of its fifth week the OWS movement has literally spread in all seven continents of the world. If you don't believe, just see the picture above. 
It was revealed today by OWS organizers that about $300,000 in cash have been raised by the movement and all of which has been deposited at Amalgamated Bank — “the only 100 percent union-owned bank in the United States.”

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OWS is also storing reportedly huge piles of food stuff and other supplies “for long-term occupation” at a space donated by the United Federation of Teachers.

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