Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy wall Street Movement -- Global Day of Outrage Against Corporate Greed: 27 Arrested in NY Times Square

NEW YORK – At least three 'Occupy Wall Street' (OWS) protesters were held by police, according to an eyewitness, after a brief clash between horse-ridden police and OWS protesters in New York's Times Square during a worldwide day of 'outrage' against corporate greed and social injustice.

Global Day of Outrage Against Corporate Greed: 27 Arrested in NY Times Square

 Earlier in the day police detained more than 24 protesters after they entered forcefully in a Citibank branch near Washington Square Park, NYPD spokesperson said. Police force was rushed to the bank after an emergency call from bank staff informing about the intrusion of many OWS protesters.

Reportedly, demonstrations and protest rallies also held in many countries across the globe demanding to end the era of corporate greed and social injustice.

Protests in Financial District of New York began with start of the day and thousands of people gathered on Times Square, the major commercial intersection, divided by police barriers.

In the presence of large number of NY police students, families with baby carriages and trade unionists, rallied towards Wall Street carrying placards, chanting: “We are the 99 per cent,” “We are the people” and “Mr Obama we need your support.”

Police on horseback stopped protesters who were trying to enter Times Square. Families joined the march and several open-top buses filled with tourists cheered on the protesters by making the V for victory sign.

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