Monday, October 3, 2011

Wall Street Movement Gains Momentum and Spreads in Other U.S. Cities Like Los Angeles and Chicago

NEW YORK – A leaderless but spirited anti-Wall Street protests, which has adopted the name Occupy Wall Street, not only started spreading to other U.S. cities as it entered its 3rd week but it is also gaining momentum with the passage of time. The participants are being urged by the activists to dress up as "corporate zombies" on Monday.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement: Is it a start of American fall after Arab spring ..??

NY police has already arrested more than 700 participants on Saturday  after they came on Brooklyn Bridge and closed down a traffic lane for hours.

“Occupy Chicago,” for instance, entered its 10th day on Sunday, a day after a linked website pushed “a huge afternoon march.”

Los Angeles is not also away from the revolution happening around. The movement “Occupy Los Angeles” started Saturday with a rally from Pershing Square to City Hall. A website linked with the movement has a motto on its top which reads:

“The revolution is happening … It’s just not in the news.”

The focal point of Occupy Wall Street movement, in Lower Manhattan, was echoing with bustle on Sunday as the participants continued to voice their frustrations with everything from “corporate greed” to high gas prices to inadequate health insurance.

It's uncertain how long the protests will go on, or whether they will be as forceful in other cities of U.S. as in New York. Much of the activity in other cities is happening online on Facebook, same like the early stage of the New York protest.

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