Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amanda Knox Back to U.S. after Getting Wild Farewell from Inmates -- Expected to Arrive Seattle Tonight

ROME, Italy – Amanda Knox expected to arrive Seattle today evening after being freed from Italian jail, where she had been for last four years.

Amanda Knox Hugging Corrado Maria Daclon at Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Rome

“Returned to Freedom” was the code name of the operation under which Knox departure from Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport was carefully planned and executed by USA Italy Foundation.

Corrado Maria Daclon, secretary general of the USA Italy Foundation, was there on the Airport to see her off back to USA. Knox gave a big hug to Daclon, which was enough to say thanks for everything these guys have done for her.

Daclon said that Knox said nothing when they departed. "We just hugged and looked at each other." 

Last hours of Amanda Knox in Italy, after the final verdict of her case, were marked by a wild hero's welcome at the prison where she spent the last four years, a James Bond-like car ride to avoid pursuing media, and a police escort to her plane out of Italy.

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