Monday, May 21, 2012

VIDEO: Police-protesters clashes at NATO summit in Chicago, 45 arrested

CHICAGO (Mon, May 21) – Thousands of demonstrators rallied through downtown Chicago on Sunday (May 20) in one of the city's largest demonstrations in years, voicing criticism about war, climate change and a wide range of other complaints as world leaders assembled for a NATO summit.

Police-protesters clashes at NATO summit in Chicago, 45 arrested

The anti-NATO protests turned ugly when few hundreds if protesters clashed with a line of police who tried to keep them from the lakeside convention center where U.S. President Barack Obama is hosting the summit.

An AFP correspondent witnessed more than a dozen protesters roughly pushed to the street, handcuffed and hauled away as the angry crowd threw water bottles, wooden sticks and anything else to hand at police clad in riot gear.

News crews captured images of protesters bleeding from head wounds, but officials would not provide information about the number of protesters injured.

Police said 45 people were arrested as of 021:00 (local time) and four police officers suffered minor injuries.

"Our officers have shown dramatic restraint," Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy told reporters.

Watch the ugly clashes between police and protesters in the video footage below:

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