Thursday, May 10, 2012

VIDEO Statement: U.S. President Obama supports gay marriages

WASHINGTON, DC (Thu, May 10) – U.S. President Barack Obama supported same-sex marriage on Wednesday, but flipping his position on a contentious social issue only 6 months before the November election could cost him adversely on the political arena.

VIDEO Statement: U.S. President Obama supports gay marriages
President Obama's endorsement, a landmark for the gay rights movement, was the first from an acting U.S. president when the country remains divided over whether same-sex marriages should have the same recognition and legal standing as traditional ones.

President Obama had reportedly been under severe pressure this week to present a clear cut stand on same-sex marriage after Vice President Joe Biden and other top advisers endorsed it. President Obama said that after years of long discussions with friends and family, including his wife and two young daughters, he now "personally" believes gays and lesbians should have the right to marry.

Watch video report with President Obama’s statement over same-sex marriage issue:

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