Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Largest Skinny Dipping World Record Made at Rhossili Beach, South Wales on June 19 (Must See Video)

Over 400 people gone nude and went into the sea at Rhossili Beach, South Wales to set a world record. That's a lot of naked people!
A new skinny dipping record has been broken. Over 400 people got nude and went into the sea. That's a lot of naked people! 

A new world record is set on Sunday (June 19) at Rhossili beach, South Wales; when 400 people stripped off naked and went running into icy cold waters of to go skinny dipping and break a world record. 

Enthusiasts gather from across the globe in South Wales to participate in the world skinny-dipping record on Rhossili Beach, Gower.

Participants got off their dresses just before 8:00 am and boldly rushed into the water screaming and whooping with delight seemingly unperturbed by the wet and windy conditions.
Watch the video clip here below and for exclusive full picture gallery click ..... HERE.

For full exclusive picture gallery of the event ..... Click HERE.

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