Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baba Swami Ramdev on Indefinite Hunger Strike against Increasing Corruption in Indai (must see Video)

Baba Ramdev on Indefinite Hunger Strike against Corruption
NEW DELHI (May 4) - Baba Ramdev, India's most famous yoga master, started his indefinite hunger strike at the Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi today. The government yesterday failed to persuade him to call off his plans. 

Baba Ramdev took a two-hour break from the protest citing he has to argue matters with government representatives on his demands for getting back black money put away abroad and end corruption.

Baba Swami Ramdev dresses like a guru but is worshipped like a film star during his hunger strike and hundreds of his followers vowed to join him.

It is expected to mound more pressure onto the government, hit by a series of corruption scandals, including allegations of kickbacks at the Commonwealth Games.

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  1. We can see swami vivekananda,Achariya chanakiya,Mahtma Gandhi,in Baba Ramdev...nirman of akhand bharat,through ahinsa parmo dharma,and not to stop till the goal is reached...what else is baba saying.. let every indian come forward to fight for this cause..this is an opportunity to erase corrupt and corruption..and to make india again soney ki chideya by taking back black money and punish coulprits....then only can we say HAM AZAD HAI...



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