Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poland Air Show (VIDEO): Small Plane Crashed and Killed Pilot, Marek Szufa, on Board in Plock (Central Poland)

Poland Air Show: Small Plane Crashed and Killed Pilot on Board
PLOCK, Poland (June 19) - A small plane lost control and plunged into a river Saturday (June 18) as it performed stunts at an air show in Poland. The pilot, the only person on board, was killed. 

The plane crashed an Air Show at Plock in central Poland as people drawn in numbers by the Vistula River for a picnic and to enjoy the show.

Rescue team pulled out the pilot, Marek Szufa, from the wreckage after 20 minutes of accident and tried to save him before sending him to a hospital where hospital sources confirmed his death after several hours.

In the video attached one can see the small plane doing aerobatics when it started emitting out clouds of dark smoke before falling into the rivers.

The pilot was alone in the plane, a Christen Eagle II, a famous single-engine aircraft used for aerobatic flying. Media sources identified Szufa as a pilot for the Polish airline LOT and the runner-up in a Poland-wide aerobatics championship.

Slawomir Adamkowski, the director of the Air Club of Mazovia organizer of the show, said the cause of the crash was under investigation.

Watch the video showing plane plunging into river and rescue operation thereafter:

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