Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Teenage Boys Killed Daughter of Retired Colonel in Gulraiz III Area, Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI – Two teenage boys stabbed a woman to death in Rawalpindi on Friday (June 17), police said.

Reportedly, two brothers Sattar, 14, and Waheed, 16, attacked and killed daughter of a retired army officer in Gulraiz III area of Rawalpindi. Both the boys were serving the family as cooks and for mysterious reasons they attacked the two ladies with a hunting knife on Friday.

According to detail; first the alleged murderers attacked the victim’s mother with a hunting knife but she survived after locking herself inside a room. Then they went upstairs for the second prey where the 45-year-old Ms Shareen was staying.

After getting stabbed the woman was taken to hospital but couldn’t survive. The killers escaped from the scene.

The victim Shareen Yunas and her three daughters were living with her parent after the divorce.

The incident took place when Mohammad Yunas, a retired colonel, was out of the home to drop his grand daughters to their college.

Police has registered the case and started searching the culprits.

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