Saturday, June 18, 2011

Small Plane, Cessna 210, Crashed in Armonk (Suburbs NYC) Killed Four on Board

Cessna 210 Crashed in Armonk (Suburbs NYC) Killed Four on Board 

NEW YORK (June 19) – Four people on board were killed after a small plane crashed and blazed in suburban area about a mile from an airport north of New York City.

Authorities confirmed that no body survived in Saturday's crash in Armonk.

According to statement issued by Holly Baker, the spokes person of Federal Aviation Administration; the Cessna 210 got technical problem soon after it took off from Westchester County Airport. Pilot contacted traffic control tower and informed that he was returning back to the airport; plane dived to the ground before reaching the runway and burst into flames.

The crashed plane was registered to a Delaware company and the cause of the plane crash is being investigated.

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