Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook Losing its Supremacy in Social Networking World as Facebook Users Drops Significantly in U.S. and Canada

Facebook Losing its Supremacy in Social Networking World
Facebook – definitely the king of social networks for almost half of last decade; but is it going to lose its supremacy in the field of social networking sites..??

Recent reports on Monday, published on, suggest that Facebook is losing its users significantly in Canada and United States. According to data collected; Facebook lost 1.5 million users in Canada and about 6 million in U.S. during the last month.

Although Facebook is growing in terms of its overall number of users but the growth rate clearly tending to negative side; as Facebook gained 13.9 million users in April, and 11.8 million users in May – compared to a typical month in 2010 where the company gained 20 million users per month on average.

The reports on further mentioned that if the present negative trend continues for next two months it would be an important sign for Facebook’s future.

Facebook continues to rule the social networking area with its mammoth number of active users which touch 687 million in the start of June 2011. Despite the slowed growth in North America, Facebook is getting more new users from countries that are late in adopting Facebook, such as India, Brazil, and Mexico.

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