Friday, June 17, 2011

Saudi Women Came Out to Roads to Protest Against Women Driving Ban in Kingdom (VIDEO)

29 Female Drivers Defy Ban on Women's
Driving in Saudi Arabia on Friday
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (June 18) - One of the 39 female drivers reportedly has been arrested in Riyadh; who defied the ban on female driving in Kingdom on Friday by driving through the streets of capital city. The arrested female driver was later released by police.

According to details; the 39-year-old state employee Maha al-Qahtani was among those 29 drivers who came out on the roads to support the campaign to pull off the ban on female drivers.

 Qahtani, who drove for almost 35 minutes with her husband on the driving seat, said: “This is my basic right. It should not be a big deal. There is nothing wrong or illegal about driving.”

“The decision to ban driving proves how backward the regime is.” She further added.

Online activists had called on women to drive their cars Friday but not to demonstrate, amid fears of a crackdown in a country where protests are outlawed.

Activists say thousands joined online campaigns to allow women drivers, but few actually drove Friday, fearing reprisals.

Manal al-Sharif, a 32-year-old IT consultant who last month set up a Facebook campaign called women2drive, was arrested May 21.

Know More about Manal al-Sharif ............. HERE.

Watch the video of Al-Jazirah TV ....

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