Thursday, June 9, 2011

Petrol Shortage in Punjab - - Long Queues on the Petrol Pumps in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD, Pakistan (June 10) - - The shortage of petrol in different parts of Punjab and Sindh continued for the fifth consecutive day on Friday, affecting routine life and disturbing commercial activities.

Long Queues on the Petrol Pumps in Faisalabad
Many petrol pumps in different cities of the two provinces remained closed as fuel supplies couldn’t be restored by oil companies and Faisalabad is no exception.

Most of the petrol pumps in Faisalabad are closed for the fifth day and long queues can be seen on those petrol pumps which are still operative; but the people have complained about the low quality of petrol available. The shortage of the fuel has already added the problems of the residents of the cities. 

People are facing huge problems to continue routine life and commercial activities. Getting petrol after waiting long hours in the queues has become headache for the residents; even then the quality of the petrol is still a big question.    

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