Friday, March 2, 2012

The 40-hour-old Gabriel James Wilcox survived fatal car accident that killed his entire family

BARNETT, Mo. – Gabriel James Wilcox is the lucky newborn who miraculously survived the car crash in which his parents and elder brother were killed on Tuesday (February 28). 

Gabriel James Wilcox survived fatal car accident that killed his entire family
Gabriel was just 40 hours old at the time of accident and is now under the custody of her grandmother, Angela Hartwig, who describes the tragedy as: “It's just a nightmare. (Elisa) was my oldest daughter and she was so happy to be bringing her baby home.”

According to details published in USA Today; Gabriel was born on Sunday at Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach as a healthy baby boy weighing 7 lbs. His parents Marty and Elisa Wilcox were very happy to be blessed by their second child. Gabriel’s elder brother was 3-year-old Marty "Junior" Wilcox.

Only after the two days of Gabriel’s birth; her parents were permitted to take him home and their elder son was also accompanied with them in their journey back to home with an additional member of this happy family.

The morning was sunny and clear when Wilcox family started their journey from hospital back to their new home at in Eldon, about 100 miles north of Springfield. They had number of stops on their way back to meet Marty’s parents, Elisa’s colleagues and when they were en route to see the parents of Elisa, they had a deadly head on collision.

Elisa’s parents received a shocking call from police telling them that Marty, 36, and Elisa, 27, were pronounced dead at the spot; while the 3-year-old Junior Wilcox was shifted to Lake Regional Hospital in critical condition where he was declared dead shortly.

Gabriel, only 40 hours old, was thrown from the vehicle. He was taken by ambulance to the same hospital but then released to the Hartwigs hours later.


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